Run…Blog…Virtual Run?

fb_img_1456467703620.jpgThe virtual race take place in a location and time of your choice. You can walk, jog or run wherever you may be, and at any time during the race week or month, for a 5 km, 7 km, 10 km or 12 km distance.

Why run a virtual race? Well………………there are lots of reasons why someone would want to run or walk or jog in a virtual race..ehem…ehem…some runners need no reason at all! The joy and thrill of getting out and running daily is all I need! Yes, yes….I am one of them! Well, here are a few reasons why I joined MM Rantau Green Run -Virtual Run 2016.

  • Reason 1# Woot…woot….medals are a great way to show my achievements..(clap…clap…applause…applause) Self praise..eeeer..
  • Reason 2# Support awesome charities- Some virtual race feature benefits a charity, so you can do good for yourself while doing good for others!
  • Reason 3# I desire to complete a 12km race, I am trying out a new challenging distance and I did 15km instead plus I want to do it alone without the preasure of others knowing.
  • Reason 4# I am a mom who would rather run every morning while the kids are at school than take away family time on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  • Reason 5# I don’t have the budget to travel long distance for a race.
  • Reason 6# Make my friends jealous by all the extra “bling” I have earned.
  • Reason 7# Motivate my friends, cousins etc to start exercising with me……

So these are a few reasons why I joined and signed up MM Rantau Green Run- Virtual Run 2016 my first virtual run for 2016!

Have you ever run a virtual race? Which one have you done? What are your reasons?  Soooooooo..what are you waiting for? Join laaa…this vitual race marathon….and stretch your limits!! I did it…So can you!!

For more info log on to


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