A run to remember…Shamrock Run 2016

img-20160229-wa0002.jpgIt was time to kick start the back to back runs!! I’d arrived at Taman Botani, Putrajaya ridiculously early and after collecting my racekit, my hubby and I walked around in the darkness but we were pretty amazed with the surroundings such as a beautiful lake, trees and flowers and waiting about for everyone else to arrive. The weather was nice and cool!

Since this was a non-competative run, I didn’t spend any time warming up. I even had doubts whether I could run all the way and so I adopted the thoughts…”take one step at a time” approach.

Flag off was on time. We even sang our National Anthem, The Negaraku. A quick briefing is followed by somebody then the horns goes off that I only realised it’s time to run because everyone suddenly sprints off…..whoopss- I suppose I’d better get moving….

Off we go along a beautiful path….Then we dodge over the grass and into a tunnel, and then up and around, down and up. Hills! Does any runner like them? I know I don’t! Then came the killer climb at Taman Herba. I could hear other runners moan and groan about the hills during the climb. then the tune from the movie “The sound of music”..The hills are alive……came into my thoughts! Anyway, it was a non competative run so I took as the uphill is the work interval and the down hill is the recovery period. What’s more, during the hill runs, my hill-tackling mentor, my hubby adviced me..he said, “the key point is gravity-Just look at what’s right in front of you and run..Take baby steps”, he said But his “baby steps” were actually like Dinosaur steps to me….LOL!

Taman Botani, Putrajaya is truly a hidden gem! Oh these parks! These forested trails! I melt when i even think of them now..It was very hilly and tough to run but so gorgeous it’s worth it! I felt compelled to stop for some photos.


There’s no other feeling quite like becoming part of the wild excitement and crazy crowd who were all there for the Shamrock Run. Many were dress in green outfits, running and celebrating in style side by side with both friends and strangers. It was indeed a carnival atmostphere. The weather was perfect! The organisers were a bunch of friendly and awesome people! I even managed to take a photograph with His Execellency

Eamon Hickey, The Irish Ambassador to Malaysia.

Overall, Kudos to Mr Hafidz Kosai, The President of Malaysian Irish Alumni Association and his awesome pawsome team for a fun, exciting and challenging 10km Shamrock Run Malaysia 2016!

“Beidh me ar ais”- I will be back!


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