Run-tastic Run…Not!! FTAAA Ambank KL City Run

When the going gets tough, the tough say a lot of things…….

The morning of the race, I woke up at 4.00am with a blahhhh mood hovering over me. After a nice cold bath and sipping my cup of coffee and I was all set for the FTAAA AMBank KL City Run 2016.

Runners were flagged off by stages, according to category. The route in the first 10 km was the same as of in the 2015, so I kinda know the sections with uphills elevation.

Running on the hilly route was challenging despite the crowd, wind and chill. Watching the runners expressions and outfits was fun. After the uphill run we headed into a downhill where I pushed harder to try to gain some speed. I did catch up to some runners who had passed me, at about the 8 km, I finally found my optimal pace and it was absolutely fantastic! Let’s just call it the moment of ecstacy! It seemed to me that I made almost no effort when I was running then, except the up hill running at Bukit Tunku…(Signs of aging….LOL)

Finishing point and the atmosphere were pretty much the same like last year. And the very nice, big medal was the icing to the cake for me….Just a little disappointed with the quality of the T- Shirt…

My overall impression, it was a good run.


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