My first Virtual Run “MM Rantau Green Run”

wp-1454565594558.jpgI must confess- I was clueless…what a virtual race was until MM Rantau Green Run was announced. A virtual run is a race that can be ran at any location. It is a race where you sign up online for a specified distance and then run at your own time.

These runs are on the honor system. You are responsible for submitting your time and running the required distance.

I was really pumped for this one, just because I liked the idea of a virtual race. Unique and something different and this will be my first virtual run medal. Continue reading “My first Virtual Run “MM Rantau Green Run””


Just keep running…2016

Three years into my journey to a healthier life after losing 10 kg. Proud and joyful however, on my bucket list… complete my first 21 km half marathon!

If you’ve ever ran a marathon before, you know how important pace can be. I obsessed over my endomondo time and timed my splits so that I can finish in the cut off time.

Every moment of the day will be a significant part of the rest of your life, whether you get your dream time or get carted off in an ambulance or worst still, get swept off by the “bus that sweeps the late runners”, you will have awesome, inspiring stories to tell and share with people after the race. Make them good!

I am really looking forward for my next run such as the Shamrock Run which will be held on the 27th February and also the KL City Run by FTAAA on the 28th February.

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start!”