My first Virtual Run “MM Rantau Green Run”

wp-1454565594558.jpgI must confess- I was clueless…what a virtual race was until MM Rantau Green Run was announced. A virtual run is a race that can be ran at any location. It is a race where you sign up online for a specified distance and then run at your own time.

These runs are on the honor system. You are responsible for submitting your time and running the required distance.

I was really pumped for this one, just because I liked the idea of a virtual race. Unique and something different and this will be my first virtual run medal.

I had planned it all out, I will run a 12 km race, through valleys and mountains, the

scenery and awesome paths I’d be taking in, the impressed looks on the faces of the other runners……cheering for me at my “finish line”…….LOL! Alright! Alright! the last bit was pure crazy imagination….

So dear runners, what are you waiting for? Join me and spread the word, It’s easy as ABC! MM Rantau Green Run- Virtual Run 2016. Easy steps to receive your medal and gifts.

    1. Register your details and make payment
    2. Run according to your category distance
    3. Take your running photo, time and distance
    4. Email to with your details and photos
    5. Once approved, the organiser will courier your medal and gifts.


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