Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2019 Race Review

Honestly, after watching and reading so much about the Bangkok Midnight Marathon, I wanted to give it a try! Seeing so many people at all ages and at all fitness levels made it seem more within the realm of possibility.

It sounded like a blast, and I knew my body would be capable of at least walking 21KM, if the whole running thing didn’t pan out along the course. Ultimately, I wanted to prove to myself that I was up to the challenge, and could succeed at the half-marathon.

Even though I’ve run enough half marathons to know my body can handle the distance, I always have a bit of a nagging voice in my head that says, What if I can’t? I mean, who doesn’t feel a little anxiety when they’re about to run a race? There is absolutely no shame in walking—some run coaches even recommend taking walk breaks to get a better time—but the truth is, I’m competitive and sometimes hard on myself. I want to run the whole thing, get a personal record every single time, and finish feeling like a million bucks. Possible? No. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking it.

This time, knowing that I was not totally prepared and didn’t follow my prerace routines and it made me really anxious. I usually know what to expect, but this time, anything could happen. My time was not going to be my best, and that was kind of hard to swallow.

Regardless, I still got myself up the morning of the race and mentally prepared myself to run. And I’m glad I did: I learned an important lesson and the race was a success—despite a few minor roadblocks.


The day and night before the race, I was filled with nerves. To help those nerves, Hubby and I focused on having a relaxing day/evening, eating right, hydrating, and getting sleep. We had a Thai foot massage, listened to music, ate a smaller, carb-heavy dinner- tom yam was on the menu, drank a glass of water every 1-2 hours, and went to bed at 9:00 pm because I was planning to wake up at 1:00 am the next morning. My suggestion is to aim for 6-7 hours of sleep so you’re alert and ready to go. I also focused on thinking positively! I kept reassuring myself that I was going to kick ass the next day, regardless or whether or not I believed it to be true. Sometimes you really just have to be your own hype squad.

Race Day

I had ALL sorts of doubts and worries on race day. Some thoughts that went through my mind the morning of the race were…

“What if I run super slow and do horribly?”

“What if I have to go to the bathroom mid-race?”

“What if I’m late to the race or can’t find it?”

“What if I get injured?”

Here’s how I dealt with those worries.

First of all, I TRUSTED MY BODY. I knew I had been training for this half marathon for over two months and I trusted my physical capabilities and that consistency I had worked hard for.

Second of all, I trusted my MIND. I trusted the mental stamina I had built up throughout training. I knew that no matter how good/bad of a race I had, I would do my best to happily accept the result instead of dwell on it. After all, at the end of the day, it’s just one race.

Third, I made sure I was eating right the morning of the race. At the end of the day, however, you can’t control your digestive system. That’s why they have bathrooms along the course! Don’t eat anything you aren’t used to. Stick to the basics. And HYDRATE.

I planned ahead. I read the race emails, knew where it was, planned to arrive at least an hour early to account for getting lost or any sort of other potential holdup. You’re better safe than sorry. And don’t be scared to ask for directions! Chances are, there are people in the area or other racers that can direct you to where you need to be!

I focused on staying calm. Breathing. At the end of the day, I realized it’s only a few hours of my life. I stayed confident, calm, and did my best.

I realized no one is judging me but myself. I believed in myself and what I was capable of doing.

Waking up on race day at 1 a.m. was a challenge in itself. Needless to say, I did not sleep very well. I probably fell asleep about 10:30 pm. I woke up at 1 am and when I could not fall back asleep, I made the decision to get up, take a shower and mentally get in this game.

It really is ALL mental.. your legs will keep going (most of the time), it’s just your brain that gets in the way.

We left the hotel at 2.00am. Hubby and I walked to the race venue. There were lots of photographers everywhere. We spent almost half an hour, posing for pictures. Then, hubby and I went to our own starting pen. Standing there at the starting line was an overwhelming experience. There were 16,000 people ready to run. It was still dark. The only lights were the ones that lit up for the course. Looking straight ahead all you could see was the “countdown” to the start. My heart was beating. The music was playing, energy was soaring. Some were crying, others were laughing and still others were just mentally preparing themselves as well!


And we were off!

I paced myself well and just kept moving. The views were unreal.

There were times throughout the race when I wanted to cry just because I was so happy! I’m not saying that the whole 21KM was such a breeze that I was on Cloud 9 the whole time. What I am saying is that there I was -doing it – really doing it. I did it for me.

This is a funny time where you are not really sure who is in front of you and who is behind. The next 5KM, I actually got a decent pace going, I overtook a few runners. The organisers did a good job, roads and routes were well condone, marshals were on standby and traffic police were placed at every traffic lights and junctions.

This is the BEST, such a beautiful morning, the weather was great and the pace feels so easy. Life is so amazing, enjoyed the views of Bangkok City- The city of angels and the breeze felt so good! I was extremely glad that there were sufficient hydration points and medical assistance. Running on the streets of Bangkok had a different kind of feeling.

I hit 10KM, and my legs felt like concrete. I was not expecting to feel so tired so early, but also, after all that walking, I really didn’t know what to expect of my body. The course is an out-and-back for the first 6KM, and when I started to see people turning around and running back toward me, I felt like they were so far ahead. I’ve never felt so tuckered out so early on in a race.

While this definitely wasn’t my fastest half marathon, it certainly wasn’t my worst. And I learned that sometimes, that’s just going to be the case.

With this Bangkok Midnight race, I tried to keep reminding myself, You’re running this for fun. Just enjoy it. There’s no reason to push yourself. It helped, but only to a certain extent. Was I nervous the night before the race? Yes. Did I worry I was going to hurt myself because I didn’t feel properly trained? Yes. Like everyone else in the world, I hate feeling unprepared—especially for races, because even people who are 100-percent trained end up flopping on the course. Sometimes I have good runs and sometimes I have bad runs, but the important thing to remember is that I really do like to run.

Making it to 12KM non-stop was a pretty big deal, as that was the furthest I had ever run without stopping. I was feeling pretty awesome at that point (the so-called “runner’s high” was kicking in), and I wasn’t experiencing any pain or aches in my body. Feeding off everyone’s else’s uplifting energy, I was determined to push myself to keep going. I wouldn’t stop until I absolutely needed.

At around 15KM, I started hurting……or maybe getting tired is the better way to put it. But I went through a checklist in my mind- are my shins ok, yeah! Side cramps, nope! So I kept going. The route was nice and flat. The streets and roads were well-lit and traffic control was really amazing.

Once I hit 16KM, I tried to remind myself I only had a 5KM left to do. No sweat! I do a 5KM daily in the gym, that didn’t really worked. I was already super exhausted and my feet hurt. But I Still kept at it. At about the 17KM, I gave in an walked some more..I walked about 1KM or maybe a bit more, I wanted to be able to run to the finish so I was trying to preserve some energy. And then I saw it, in the distance…….the end! It look SO.FAR.AWAY. I can do this.. JUST GO! FINISH! And finish, I did! I threw my hands up in the air , like I just don’t care, as I crossed the finish. I got my awesome medal and my finisher T-shirt and my legs felt like dead. But I just ran a half marathon, for someone who running does not come easy for, I was (am) unbelievably proud of myself!

I became a runner who wasn’t training for any particular race. Running was just something I did. People would ask me what I was training for and I would reply “life”! My hubby was the dose of maturity I needed to run long distances. He helped foster my self-belief, resist the urge to surge and above all RUN RUN RUN! With gratitude and appreciation, Mr Alan for giving hubby and I this opportunity to run Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2019!

Running is an adventure that has produced beautiful lessons, truths involving friendships an incredible amount of dedication and courage!

How to lose 7kgs in 2 months?

If you have made the decision to lose weight, you might be wondering where to begin…

Have you ever tried to lose weight and after some time you lost motivation and confidence? Don’t worry, it’s normal.


But, for the past 8 weeks, Coach Adli, Coach Novia and I have journeyed with these truly amazing people who had signed up for the 8 week Weight Loss Challenge at PRO A3 Fitness. I’ve trained, I’ve worked out, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve worked together and in our group we had mentors, coaches, instructors that made these participants motivated, reached their goals and stay happy and healthy!

The champion!

Ms Malliga D/O Selvarasoo

Aged 38, a mother of 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. When she was pregnant with her third child, she went through some difficult health and personal issues, turned to food to soothe herself, and watched as the number on the scale went up…..and up and up…She was introduced by a friend to join PRO A3 Fitness. In 2 months, she dropped 7 kgs and her energy levels and stamina skyrocketed. No diets, no pills, no supplements, just work outs! Ms Malliga signed up as a member and attended classes offered by PRO A3 Fitness such as Tabata/HIIT by Coach Adli and Coach Novia, Yoga by Ms Villa, Zumba by ZIN Christine, ZIN Kaizer, ZIN Dyana, Strong by Zumba by SYNC Wanie, Piloxing by PIA Yan, Salsation by SEI Meira, Toning and Abs by Coach Adli and Coach Novia, Bootcamps, gym sessions with a collaboration by PRO A3 Fitness and VI Fitness and also motivational talks and advises by doctors. (in-house Doctors). “Don’t let your mind get in the way” was Malliga’s mantra-and it worked. “So many of us tell ourselves that we’re selfish, if we make time for ourselves, especially if we are moms and have to care for families”, she says, “But the 60 minutes a day I made for myself had led me to being a more happy wife and a more confident mom!”

“There were a lot of learnings during this 8 weeks journey. I was not alone, I had an awesome team and support from my friends at PRO A3 Fitness, we journeyed together and we achieved our goals together. All of us loss weight. A total of 68kgs overall. Push yourself to the maximum extent and never give up. It is very important to be humble and have a goal to achieve. I am still on my process and this is the “new” me now!

Ms Malliga lost a total of 7kgs in just 8 weeks and she walked away with RM500 cash! Second runner-up, Puan Lily with a total lost of 6kgs and third runner-up, Ms Kala Perumal with a total of 5kgs. Their journey does not end here, it’s only their beginning!


First Aid Training CPR/Choking/Recovery Position organised by The Rotary Club of Seremban

On the 19th June, 2019, A first Aid Training on CPR/Choking/Recovery position was organised by the Rotary Club of Seremban and the event was held in Seremban Prima from 11.00am until 7.00pm.

The event began with a bang! A warm up session conducted by PRO A3 FITNESS took the stage. The energy was palpable from the moment the PRO A3 FITNESS Team step on stage. The participants ranging from students, teenagers to the “young at heart”, were absorbed in the music. They moved flawlessly to the pulsating rhythm of songs such as ‘Let’s get loud’ by JLO.

After the warm up session ended, we took a group photo, something that I always look forward to…The memories and moments to cherish in life. Right after that, the St. John Ambulance’s took over the program. We were briefed with techniques and ways and the team also demonstrated  the CPR/Choking and Recovery Position. As a participant we had the opportunity to try and practice those techniques as well. We were guided and taught the right and proper way to handle and demonstrate the techniques. A short question and answer session was conducted briefly by the team. It was indeed a very interesting and informative Training Program.

I believe that one of life’s important skill is First Aid Skills. When someone choked, suffered a heart attack, or drowned-giving First Aid immediately makes a difference between life and death. After we had completed the basic course, we were awarded a certificate and a goodie bag.

Do you know that if someone stops breathing, he/she only has 4 to 10 minutes before he/she becomes brain-dead? Chances are that the ambulance will not come in time. Therefore, it is very important that CPR is administrated immediately.

Human normally do not think of calamity until it strikes!But emergency does happen and it’s best to be prepared. You would want to know that if your love ones are in danger, you will have the necessary skills to save them.


KL Possible Fun Run 2019 Event/Race Review

Setting double alarms, waking up at the crack of dawn (okay, rolled…..tossed……turned…….grumbled angrily) out of bed at 3.00a.m. Analyzing every aspect of my bowel movements (or lack thereof) stressing about transportation, parking. Standing in line for porta-potties. These are all normal things we typically experience on race day!

I always believed that not all runs/events are meant to be raced. Last weekend, 16 June 2019, The KL Possible Fun Run was organised by S. Ganesan and team Ashkhu Glow Event Management. While you select a few that you want to race, others are meant purely for the enjoyment factor, such as the KL Possible Fun Run 2019. We decided to relax, have fun and take this one easy.

Hubby , kids and I were in good time to collect the bibs, met the organisers and chatted with some runner buddies. The start area was amazing as I could feel so many different emotions.

The event started off with a warm up Zumba session by PRO A3 FITNESS. The crowd was amazing. All walks of life, from children to mommies and daddies and also the young at heart were moving and dancing to the beat. I just love the energy of races, it is so special and I love to see running bring so many people together to share such a positive common goal.

At sharp 7.15a.m., the 6KM were flagged off. Then at 7.30a.m, at the starting line for the 3KM, my children felt like lions waiting to be let out of their cages. They were rip-roaring and ready to go. Ready to race?In deed…. Anjali, Amisha, Avinash and hubby were ready to rumble!

Padang Merbok running was beautiful and rather undulating. Lots of little ups and downs. It was a sunny day and this part of the race was in the shade, which was nice. I loved how different it was, being part of a running event with my “sole”-mate,hubby and my children. It’s a special feeling, sharing and bonding as a family. My hubby and son finished the race strong! This race is strictly a ‘Fun’ race, so no clocks, chips or stop watches were involved. As always, it’s nice to run by feel and solely for fun!

As they approached the finish line, there was a nice crowd cheering everyone on with lots of children wanting hi-fives and runners who had finished staying to cheer people on. It was great to see so many families with kids take part in the run, and running with a smile.

It was a fun event with a crowd of 700 participants. The route was nice , even though, the roads were not fully closed but the organisers ensured all safety measures for the participants. There were lots of marshals and volunteers on duty, water stations were well organised, great little course, fun volunteers, nice running community.

It was so nice to care about our quality time, family bonding instead of keeping pace throughout the race. We made so many awesome memories, laughed until we cried and got some really awesome videos and pictures. Would I do it again? The KL Possible Fun Run- Now everyone can run! YOU BET! What was the best part? ALL OF IT!!

A great race doesn’t come from a PR or a new attained distance, but more from the memories and lessons you take away from them. As always, I was reminded of how much I love this sport and how special it is to share it with my favourite people ever -Hubby and Children!



First aid is the first and immediate assistance given to any person suffering from either a minor or serious illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, to prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery. First aid is generally performed by someone with basic medical training.

Head on down to Seremban Prima, 19 June 2019 from 11.00am until 7.00pm, A FREE First Aid Training on CPR/Choking/Recovery Position will be organised by the Rotary Club of Seremban. All you have to do is register or walk into any of the eight sessions and you will walk away with a FREE First aid pouch, Certificate and lots more goodies awaits you! So, come and join us! With collaboration by PRO A3 FITNESS, a warm up Zumba session will kick start the event!

First aid training could be most important course you’ve ever taken. In event of an emergency, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to deliver potentially life-saving assistance. Just like the Rotary Club Seremban’s tagline “Now everyone can save a life”.

This quick primer on common basic first aid procedures can help you get through a minor-crisis, at least until the paramedics arrive or you can get medical treatment.

See you on the 19 June, Wednesday at 11.00 until 7.00pm at Seremban Prima.

Discover yoga health. Discover yourself only at Pro A3 Fitness, S2 Heights

Imagine an activity that increases your flexibility, strengthens your muscles, centers your thoughts, and relaxes and calms you. Yoga does all that and more!

I remember my first yoga class. I wasn’t concerned about being able to do the poses, but I was a bit sceptical about the chanting and the spiritual side of it. I remember sneaking a peek every few moments while all eyes were supposed to be closed to see what everyone else was doing. It turned out that the chanting and meditative breathing was a valuable part of the experience for me. It took a couple of sessions to get the hang of it, but once I did, it centred and calmed me and I felt great about it. I even remember  sweating less while walking  outdoors as the result of just feeling calmer.

Yoga uses asanas (postures), focused concentration on specific body parts, and pranayama(breathing techniques) to integrate the body with mind and mind with soul.

Yoga focuses on the mind by teaching you to concentrate on specific parts of the body. For instance, you may be asked by the instructor to focus deeply on your spine, or let your mind go and have your body sink into the floor. This awareness keeps the mind-body connection sharp and doesn’t allow a lot of time for external chatter (like worrying about what you’re going to have for dinner or the presentation at the office that you’re preparing for). Instead, the focus is internal, between your head and your body.

The idea is to not fight any thoughts you have, but to let them come and go while the instructor leads you through visual imagery to help you focus on how your muscles feel. The desired and often obtained result is to drift into a peaceful, calm, and relaxing state.

Yoga uses controlled breathing as a way to merge the mind, body, and spirit.

It is believed that the controlled breathing will control the energy flow in your body. It is my experience that controlled breathing helps me focus on muscles that are working, it slows down my heart rate, calms my mind, and leads to a deep, inner calm and sense of relaxation.


High blood pressure (hypertension): Many people believe that practicing yoga can help lower blood pressure by teaching breathing techniques and reducing stress. It is true that lifestyle changes like regular physical activity and stress management can help lower and manage blood pressure, but it doesn’t do so in all cases.

Mood: After just one yoga class, men reported decreases in tension, fatigue, and anger after yoga, and women reported fairly similar mood benefits.

Diabetes: There is some evidence to suggest that yoga may lower blood glucose. After just eight days of yoga in 98 men and women 20-74 years of age, fasting glucose was better than at the beginning of the study, but subjects in this study were also exposed to dietary counselling and other lifestyle interventions, and so it’s difficult to know if the yoga on its own was responsible for the changes.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome who did yoga twice a week for eight weeks had less pain in their wrists than people with carpal tunnel who wore a splint. The effect may be due to improved grip strength in the yoga subjects.

Strength and flexibility: In one of the most persuasive yoga studies, men and women 18-27 years of age who participated in two yoga sessions per week for eight weeks increased the strength in their arms by 19% to 31%, and by 28% in their legs. Their ankle flexibility, shoulder elevation, trunk extension, and trunk flexion increased by 13%, 155%, 188%, and 14%, respectively!

Asthma: There is some evidence to show that reducing symptoms of asthma and even reduction in asthma medication are the result of regular yoga. Again, this doesn’t mean that you should stop taking your asthma medication if you start practicing yoga, but it does suggest that there could be some positive result, and you should ask your doctor if you have a question about it.

My experience with yoga is that, when I do it regularly, I am calmer, clearer, and feel good for having done it.

I recommend starting with a basic class. At Pro A3 Fitness we offer these, and all you need to do is walk in on Wednesday evenings at 7-8pm or Friday mornings at 8am to 9am for Yoga classes. I also suggest letting the instructor know if you are a first-timer so she can give you a hand when you need it. Carmen, an awesome and helpful instructor will keep an eye on you and physically assist you with poses if you need it. It can make all the difference in the world if the instructor pays attention when you’re struggling.

Go for it!

Yoga is a great complement to Zumba or aerobic and resistance exercise, and I suggest that you might be completely surprised at the benefits you experience. I don’t see how you have anything to lose, and so I urge you to give it a try at Pro A3 Fitness: Wednesday 7.00 – 8.00 pm and Friday 8.00 – 9.00 am. Walk in is only Rm8.00!


Sharing is Charing with Royale Chulan, Seremban


In conjunction with the month of Ramadan Al-Mubarak, The Royale Chulan, Seremban- recently hosted a Buka Puasa event for single mothers, senior citizens, orphans and poor children from Pertubuhan Anak-Anak Yatim dan Miskin Darul Khusus (PEYAKIN) in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan were joined by Tuan Mohamad Hapil, Director of Welfare Department, Negeri Sembilan, management and guest. The Royale Chulan, Seremban’s General Manager,  Mr Leo Kuscher said “it was a joy and privilege to share and help the wishes of these young children and light up their festive celebration with joy”. The General Manager, Mr Leo Kuscher also presented donations and gifts worth RM10,000 from the hotel groups We Care Campaign to the children as part of the event. It was heart-warming to see that everyone joined in the spirit of Ramadan, acknowledging a time of togetherness and sharing.

After breaking fast with dates, a dietary habit espoused by the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.W) because of its energizing value after a long day of going without food, the children and guests were treated to wide variety of dishes ranging from kampung delicacies and traditional delights to a variety of local and continental savouries, with the roast lamb one of the most sought-out dish. They were treated to an array of sumptuous spread at the Aroma Asiatique Restaurant.

This is an effort to showcase Royale Chulan, Seremban as an innovative player in the hospitality industry which is willing to spread cheer and joy to the less fortunate and at the same time to encourage management and guest to serve the community.

A sumptuous spread of Ramadan delights is served at Aroma Asiatique Restaurant throughout the month of Ramadan from 7pm to 10pm from 6th May to 4th June with 4 rotation menus and with more than 100 dishes, stall concepts and live stations to choose from including whole roasted lamb, Soup Gearbox, Nasi Briyani and the famous ‘Apam Balik’, you will discover the true spirit of Malaysian cuisine.

This event has become a tradition for Royale Chulan and they look forward to celebrate many more occasions with the less fortunate and share the company’s success by giving back to those in need. In addition to the sumptuous spread of local delights, the evening tapered off with the Muslims performing the Isyak and Terawih prayers as sign of gratitude and respect for the holy month.