F.E.A.R = Forget Everything And Run

Needless to say, my emotions are kicking into overdrive at this point. I woke up this morning and started crying….Yeah, as if my pet cat died or something…..but I do not even have a pet cat……Hmmmm…. Yeah, crying for NO REASON AT ALL! I can’t stop picturing the race. I am completely distracted 100% of the time because I am in Half Marathon Mode!! Ohhhhhhh…my inner crazies and voices in my head are having lots of conversations lately…..Here’s some of it:-


  • I am feeling ANXIOUS :- 8 October, 2016 is just two weeks away, which at times feels like it’s right around the conner and other times feels like it’s still a far- off date. Part of me wants another full month to train but another, bigger part of me wants to run this thing tomorrow!
  • I am feeling NERVOUS :- Ohhhhhhh..yeahhh…Obviously, I think this is the strongest emotion I am feeling right now. I’m nervous my stomach won’t be strong shape on race day. I’m nervous I won’t sleep the night before the race. I’m nervous I’ll forget something. I’m nervous I won’t be able to stick with my goal pace. I’m nervous about the course. I’m nervous about the hills. I’m nervous I am not going to make everyone proud. Hmmmm…Yeah….I’m kind of nervous.
  • I am feeling DISTRACTED :- It’s amazing I am able to get work done during the day. All I really want to be doing is going out for a run/ training or I want to talk to anyone who will listen about training.
  • I am feeling PREPARED :- Most of my marathoner friends keep saying ‘trust your training, Chrisy!’ I know I have it in me to bang out 21 km.
  • I am feeling EXCITED :- Obviously, right?? I’m going to run HSN21km- Half marathon for the first time!
  • I am feeling HUMBLE :- Being HSN21km’s official blogger. It’s mind blowing to be able to embark my first ever half marathon for Hari Sukan Malaysia, 8 October 2016 at Dataran Merdeka.
  • I am feeling PROUD :- regardless of what happens on race day, I am proud to be part of HSN21KM. I am proud of the effort I’ve put forth and I’m proud of my unwavering dedication to my cause and to my training.

The next few days are going to be a little crazy, I predict. I will probably cry a lot in anticipation, because I am a basket case..So for now, Hubby and I decided to take our parents and children for a short getaway this weekend to Penang Island to chill out with my BFF and her family..just to get things out from my mind for a while…



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