GoBhangra Workout

Bhangra is an energetic, folk dance and music form that originated from Punjab, India. Today, it’s the newest dance, music, and fitness phenomenon spreading all over the world. Bhangra is traditionally danced to the dhol instrument, a large drum, and boliyan, short sets of lyrics that describe scenes or stories from Punjab. These lyrics most commonly reference themes of love, patriotism, strength, and celebration.

Working up a sweat in the 60-minute classes burns an average of 369 calories. You’ll get a great cardio workout that melts fat, strengthens your core, and improves flexibility. The classes move between high- and low-intensity dance moves designed to get your heart rate up and boost cardio endurance.


GoBhangra Workout is a Bhangra and Bollywood inspired cardio dance fitness program using various choreography with upbeat music. It was founded in the year 2018 by founder, Jasveen Kaur from Johor, Malaysia. This program can burn a minimum of 500 calories per class (varies on individual) and helps to improve stamina, give strength to major muscles groups and plus gaining some flexibility. To ensure the safety of this program, GoBhangra Workout adapts and follows the guidelines of Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFFA). GoBhangra is one of the most fun and versatile fitness crazes to come along in a long time. Classes can be geared for just about any fitness level. Though Gobhangra Workout involves high-impact moves like bouncing and jumping, it can be modified to meet your needs. Between songs, you can grab water and take a second to catch your breath before the next song starts. The key interesting factor of GoBhangra Workout is the ability to blend in with the current fitness trend and enjoyed among different cultures creating a total fitness party for all! It has a unique focus which is simple, easy to follow & suitable for all fitness level!

Last Saturday, 16 October 2021,PRO A3 FITNESS was truly privileged, the founder, Jasveen Kaur was the special guest and she briefed us about the program and started off with a blast from warm up to hype bhangra cardio workout that kept the students of all levels head banging, booty shaking and feet stomping! It was a party atmosphere online! The weather and connection was super excellent and everyone had super duper amazing workout!

What makes GoBhangra unique and different?

  1. To teach and conduct this program, you must be a certified licensed instructor.
  2. It’s for all fitness level
  3. It’s a variety of Bhangra and Bollywood groove
  4. It’s a workout and you don’t even know it because of the fun and party atmostphere.
  5. Easy access and we are connected via online zoom
  6. Class fee is reasonable from RM10 to RM15 only
  7. Simple & easy steps to follow
  8. The instructors are trained, certified and qualified!

GoBhangra Workout provides a fun and positive workout experience with options appropriate for almost all ages and ability levels. There’s a lot of independent research to support the efficacy of the program and not much to detract from its potential benefits.

However, if you like dancing, fast-paced choreography, or Punjabi- Bollywood Groove inspired music, GoBhangra Workout is a good fit for you and if you’re also looking for an addictively fun, high-energy group dance workout set to upbeat music, GOBHANGRA WORKOUT is a great one to try. Join Christine every Saturday at 6pm on ZOOM ONLINE. For more information please contact 0196505370 or Facebook page at PRO A3 FITNESS or GOBHANGRA website.


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