Show your true colors & Run for your cause

screenshot_2016-06-15-23-23-56.pngI am not what you typically imagine when you envision a runner. I am not tall and slender with sexy, long legs, and you were more likely to see me “running” late to a dinner reservation than to see me running in the park near my home. But in a quest to become healthier and lose some weight, I started running!

Not only is running one of the most efficient ways to burn calories, lose weight, trim body fat and increase lean muscle, but it also helps to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack and has been found to reduce the risk of cancer too!

For me, the benefits did not end there. What started as a solo journey to improved health has reached far beyond my personal goals. Almost every race I ran was sponsored by a charitable organisation to raise money and bring awereness to a specific cause. Every race promoted a valuable casue, and every race was put into perspective. Magically, I wasn’t just running for one anymore. I was running for something greater than myself. I was running to raise money for charity. I was running to raise awereness for those whom we have lost, for survivors, for our environment and for those who celebrate equality. These races became more than just races: they became causes and incentives to do my best for others.

To prepare, just lace up your running shoes and go. It does not matter how fast at first….your pace, your race!

So, whether you are setting a goal for a new you or a goal to be part of something bigger than yourself, RUN! Sign up for AXA- Hearts in Action Run 2016 at This race is a wonderful way to begin a fitness journey in a meaningful way. Not only will you achieve your fitness goals and earn a great sense of empowerment and accomplishment, but you will also be giving back and helping others in the process.

“Run for a cause- Don’t run with your legs, run with your heart!”


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