It’s the final countdown – HSN21KM

Race day is almost here!

I can feel the butterflies in my tummy, my heart is already beating faster than usual, and I feel a little nervous thinking about how I am going to run the race set before me. I am feeling excited, nervous and a little apprehensive.

Well, whatever it is.. here are some things I am gonna do this week:-

  1. RELAX :- One of the best things I can do right now is chill. This week is about rest and short easy runs to stay loose.
  2. SLEEP :- I have found (anecdotally) that your most important night’s sleep could be 2-3 nights before the marathon/half marathon, so stockpile!
  3. EAT SMART :- I’m probably used to eating whatever I want during training. Hmmm…I will lay off that second dinner or late night snack this week, I will not gorge myself. I will avoid high fibre foods or anything fried. I will only eat predictable food that won’t upset my digestive system.
  4. I WILL CARRY A WATER BOTTLE :- I will be sipping water during the day and will monitor my pee to stay hydrated. Seriously! Urine too yellow? Drink more! Crystal clear? Back off! I’m looking for a lemonade shade….LOL
  5. GET OFF MY FEET :- Now isn’t the time to tackle that home project or explore a new hiking route. I am just going to do my normal routine, but will get off my feet whenever possible. I will also run according to my training plan and relax.
  6. TRY NOTHING NEW :- Race week isn’t the time to try new shoes, a new hydration strategy or a new racing shirt! If it hasn’t been tested (from gear to food), don’t try, don’t change.
  7. REFLECT :- Whatever my goals, whatever the outcome, I have worked hard to get here! I will do my best, I won’t quit and I will take pride knowing I am going to embark on this awesome journey!!

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