Tick tock…tick tock…24 hours before HSN21KM


We’ve all had that dream, right?? The one where you’ve overslept before the race, forgotten your running shoes, or showed up at the start line in your pyjamas…LOL

Well, I may not be able to eliminate all the pre-race nerves- or even want to. After all, a bit of nervous energy can provide a competitive boost when the gun goes off. But in the interest of keeping my nerves in check- and sleeping well tonight- Here are a few important steps I can and I will take to calm the butterflies and feel race-ready!

  1. TRUST THE TAPER :- At this point, the best thing I can do is trust the taper. This is the period of time that allows my muscles to recover and get ready for my race day effort. I’ve put in the hard work; the race is my reward- and a proper taper will help get me to the start line healthy. I will think of that antsy feeling as stored energy!
  2. GET INSPIRED :- Talk to my other half; or blah blah blah on blogs like this… Talking about my jitters can help ease them-and remind me that I am not alone!
  3. LAY OUT MY CLOTHES :- There’s nothing worse than running around on race morning searching for my bib or trying to find that left shoe,safety pin or hair tie. I am gonna set out everything I need, from attire to fuel to gear check bag tonight. I will feel prepared and I will get out the door more quickly too.
  4. SET TWO ALARMS :- I am worried about that early wake-up call! Hmmm…..I am gonna set two alarms to help me sleep easier tonight- and may just prevent a race-morning scramble. It will also give me time to digest that pre-race meal, and ensuring I am ready to go at the start line.
  5. ARRIVE EARLY :- Always………Always…. I planned to arrive early on race day tomorrow! and the closer to the time I can arrive, the better. I will feel calmer knowing I have plenty of time before the 6am start.

Remember my dear fellow runners, race day is your reward!

Just follow me…..take a few simple steps to ease those nerves and I am surely gonna make this journey- embarking my first ever half marathon at HSN21KM @ Dataran Merdeka as enjoyable and memorable as possible!

I will see you at the start!!!


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