Couples that run together,make wonderful memories forever!

Whether you want your partner healthier or you just really want a running buddy, I have some fabulous news for you! Running and working out together will not only strengthen your muscles, but it will also strengthen the bond between the two of you!

If you are a person with inclinations for sports and a healthy lifestyle, you should probably already know that there’s hardly any feeling of satisfaction comparable to crossing the finish line of a long and tiresome marathon or half marathon. And what could be more beautiful and awesome than living that experience with your other half next to you, right??

Like most modern couples, my hubby and I lead a very busy life together plus having three children from aged 10 to 14 years old- hmmmm…..spicing up our lives too! So, sometimes the only “alone time” we get is a run- it’s a chance to get away from emails, children, work, phone and unplug! Running together is an ideal time to talk and enjoy each other’s company….My hubby maybe super faster than me…but the whole moment of running together…and meeting at the finish line, makes it awesome!

Therefore, Hubby and I decided to give a shot and we signed up for our “first virtual Valentine Run”..and we chose a distance of 42 km challenge! Just log into and sign up……next is, run together forever! LOL

How?? Well, it’s simple. Sign up online with your other half and join the Valentine’s Virtual Run from 19 January to 28 February 2017 now! It’s a combined effort and the results- ONLY FOR THIS RACE, the final distance total will be the combined effort of two runners- the couple. For example, my partner and I joined the 42 km run, I clocked 21 km while my other half clocked 21 km, together we complete the distance of 42 km and we will be awarded the 42 km finisher’s medals. The medals will be posted to the order address.

So, what are you waiting for?? The couples that run together, create wonderful memories forever! Sign up now at


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