Narayana-Tea stall (Food Review)

fb_img_1488353229018.jpgA hip, cozy spot in Seremban Two, Uptown Avenue, The Narayana- Tea stall is the perfect place for anything from a casual lunch/dinner to a family outing, friendly business meeting or alternative to the been-there-done-that date.

For a sumptuous North and South Indian Cuisine with Asian flavours that tantalizes your taste buds, Narayana-Tea stall is your answer!

The restaurant is easy to miss, but its rather bland exterior gives way to an attractive-almost luxurious-dining room inside. Dimly lit, very clean and comfortable, the restaurant features a spacious dining room. It offers good service and fine food with a menu that features recipes from both north and south India. Serving mouth watering dishes with a crew of experienced staff. Quality food and prompt service. Excellent customer service from the start till the end-leaves customers with nothing less than a feeling of pure satisfaction.

On a Saturday afternoon at 3.30pm that we visited, the place was jammed but our table was reserved. There’s a good buzz in the room.

We were then served a huge variety of food……Fish Pokoda-tender pieces of boneless fish are marinated in yogurt and lemon juice, and then dipped in chickpea batter and deep fried. The pieces of fish were flaky and tasty.

Paneer pakoda- Features homemade Indian semi-soft cubes of cheese stuffed with mint sauce, which are dipped in chickpea batter and deep-fried. I enjoyed its subtle complexities.

20170301_145345.pngFish cutlets- more like a fish ball, this is minced ‘ikan tenggiri’ meat that is then fried. Soft with very light crisp, this was interesting.

Mysore mutton- Mysore is named after a city in India that also sores this signature dish. I find it quite dry but good curry and spice flavours. From my understanding, the Indians’ preference is for dryer dishes, this is a hit to all customers.

Thosai- is like a crisp and thin pancakes made of a rice and Urad dal batter. Enjoyed them hot and crisp with chutney and sambhar.

Vadas are deep fried savory doughnuts- it is really tasty and goes well and best with the ‘Masala Tea’- Narayana’s signature Tea.

Nasi Lemak- it’s rich coconut rice, Basmati rice is used to give a loose and fluffy texture, the grain also has a nutty flavour that goes well with coconut milk. It is complete with all the side dishes on offer, fried egg/half boiled egg, ikan bilis and sambal, for a full hearty meal. The stir-fried sambal has enough kick and sweetness to tame the taste buds.

At Narayana- Tea stall, think traditional Indian with a new twist! Think hip! Think fresh! Think creative yet casual. Because that’s what it’s all about- here, they believe these fun little dishes are truly the best food has to offer! But you’ll also find signature Indian curries and the most popular entrees for those days that call for classic comfort.

Narayana’s motto is “taste above all”. They make it a point to use fresh, healthy,authentic ingredients-every day and in every dish. Add in a few signature cooking secrets and a whole lot of love and that’s the Narayana- Tea stall difference!

Don’t just take my word for it! Very hospitable people, you will definetly not walk out of Narayana-Tea stall without feeling as stuffed as a turkey! I will be back for more!


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