Let’s Run…The Score Run- Conquer the City

I ran because I can…Why? I’ll rewind the clock abit, to those that don’t know my story…….hmmm…slightly overweight (chubby cheeks and a big butt) some friends woud call me a potato- I was once best friend’s with Mr Couch Potato,  you see….., mother of three children, probably going through a mid-life crisis, takes up running to escape from the stresses of life, but loving every minute of it!

What running has taught me:-

Patience-every runner wants to be a sprinter and on every run, there is the desire to burst away from the starting block. Running has taught me to be patient, to hold back and have a measured approach that will see me get to the finish line in all aspects of life!

Friendship- runners are universally friendly. Whether it is 4.00am  (doing hills) or 8.00pm (night runs), runners always say hello. It might only be a nod, a smile, but there is always recognition and respect for fellow runner that always lifts your spirits!

Teamwork- Although many of us run solo, whenever I join a new running group or turn up at a race, nobody ever feels isolated or abandoned. People/runners approach each other and make each one feels warm and welcome!

Support- whenever I struggle or waiver, there is always someone (most of the time- my better half, my hubby dearest) to inspire, motivate amd keep me going. It might be a cheer squad from the event organiser, a stranger calling my name or my “sole sisters”, telling me to run up that hill, to conquer the city, but I always know that I am not alone.

Hope- Not just the “I hope this is the last KM” type of hope but knowing that you are faster, stronger and better than the next great run (or hill) won’t be the end of you!

Happiness-maybe it is the endorphins but for me it’s the feeling of air in my lungs and the sweat on my brow.

Running isn’t just an activity I do to keep fit. It is a way to de-stress, escape my worries, to bond, to test my limits and to catch up with my friends.

Happy feet…..Happy me!

See you on Sunday at the The Score Run- Conquer the city at Berjaya Time Square.


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