Score Run- Conquer the city & Hills!

A running buddy is more than just someone who runs next to you. A running buddy is someone who pushes you, motivates you and supports you through all the joys and struggles of running.I am blessed because I have those “SOLE – MATES” in my life.

Mile after mile, she’s always willing to go the distance, understanding you on a different level- She is my “sole-mate”….who???

What made Score Run 2017 extra special? I had the chance to run with Siew Kiem, my “Sole-sista” for the last run in Malaysia before she leaves to Myanmar to stay and work with her hubby dearest, Terence.

The race started at 5.30am, the 21km flag off was on time! About 5000 runners participated for the 21KM Half Marathon. Not only these awesome runners “conquered ths city”, these awesome runners even “conquered the hills” in the city! The route was really a challenging, hilly route for the 21 KM Half Marathon. All I can say is…No pain, No gain!

Just before the 12 KM flag off, I messaged Siew Kiem, wished her happy running and see her after the race…Off we went at sharp 6.00am!

The route for 12 KM was good. It was a thrill to be running in the city- the heart of the city center, passing through iconic buildings, running on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, smack in the middle of KL City! In deed, what an experience! It really felt that “we came, we saw, we conquered”- Veni, Vidi, Vici” Woot woot…..

Distance markers were well placed, water stations were plenty and were very well organised. Marshals did an awesome job, as promised by the organisers eventhough there were three different events that was held on the same day. However, event organisers assured that Score Run runners would be given priority. KUDOS and WELL DONE! We ran and we truly had an amazing jouney/ route- I even had the chance to passed by my old office building, Wisma Genting- where Siew Kiem and I first met in Resorts World Berhad- marketing department ……20 years ago!! OMG!! We have been friends and sole sistas for that long!!  Well, here are some main differences between spending time with Siew Kiem and hanging out with other friends:-

  1. Friends support you – Running buddies (Siew Kiem) run with you
  2. Friends wonder why you are going to run 21KM Half Marathon- Running buddies (Siew Kiem) will high-five and revel in your accomplishment
  3. Friends will follow your race destinations – Running buddies (Siew Kiem) will run a destination race with you!

This race, The Score Run- was truly amazing! It was a challenge for the 21 KM Half Marathon runners, it was an awesome experience for the 12 KM runners and a truly fun filled run for the 6 KM runners. There were people there of all levels, the elite runners, “The King of hills” runners, sole mates-sole sistas, fun runners with kids and strollers, it was in deed ” A happening” Score Run 2017!

There is a special bond that I have formed with my sole-sista, Siew Kiem, an unspoken connection between us that is seldom reproduced with others. Her presence adds a unique spark to any run and an extraordinary feeling of friendship and understanding. We know each other’s strenght and weaknesses and when to provide encouragement and constructive critism. I will miss her but I look forward to running with her once again.

So, call up some friends and start planning for the next Score Run 2018. I am sure you too will find a running buddy, sole-mate/sole sista- YOU WON’T REGRET IT!


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