AXA Hearts in Action Run 2017 Race Review

People take part in charity runs for a variety of reasons. Some do it to raise money, others to challenge themselves and beat their personal best while for many it’s an opportunity for them to get fit. I personally do it for all the three reasons! But no matter what your motivation may be, everyone agrees that charity runs are extremely fun!

In order to prepare for the fun, I needed to enlist some help so I cornered my family and I managed to convince hubby and kids to run with me! If you really are determined to have fun,trust me, that’s the way to do it! (oh, and it’s healthy fun too, bonus!)

We arrived at MAEPS, Serdang-Mardi by 6am, got a safe and nice parking spot. As soon as we got near the stage we could hear the music and feel the excitement. We instantly joined the crowd of 5000 runners and even participated in the warm up session. The morning of the race excitement buzzed in the air.

At the starting line, my children felt like lions waiting to be let out of their cages. They were rip roaring and ready to go…Ready to race? Indeed…..My children and I were ready to rumble! Then at 7.20am, the 6 km were flagged off!

The lakeside running was beautiful and rather undulating.Lots of ups and downs, at some points the path narrows but never enough to stop you passing people if needed. It was a really sunny day and by 7.45am, the sun was shining brightly but parts of the route was in the shade, which was nice.

The race had lots of rolling hills which my quads did not love! But I loved how different it was, running with my “sole” mate- hubby and my children….My hubby and son finished the race strong! This race was strictly a “fun” race, so no clocks, chips or stop watches were involved. As always, it’s nice to run by feel and solely for FUN!

We walked, we ran, we jumped, we skipped, we danced….I loved every minute of it and I had no idea how what my time was!

It was great to see so many
families come together with their children take part in the run, and running with a smile!

As we approached the finish line there was a nice crowd cheering everyone on with lots of children wanting to hi-fives and runners who had finished staying to cheer people on.

It was a fun event. The route was nice, even tough, the roads were not fully closed but the organisers ensured all safety measures for the participants, there were lots of marshalls and volunteers on duty, water stations were well organised, the runner T-shirt was cool ( we had our names printed on it), the medal was awesome, great little course, fun volunteers and nice running community.

The only thing I would do differently is change the start time, make it earlier or possible route the course a bit differenly. At MAEPS the beginning portion of the race is in an open area and by 7.30am it was already heating up. Thankfully the second half was mostly under trees and in shady area.

It was so nice to care about our quality time, family bonding time instead of keeping pace throughout the race. We made so many awesome memories, laughed until our sides ached and got some really awesome pictures.

A great race doesn’t come from a PR or a new attained distance, but more from the memories and lessons you take away from them. As always, I was reminded of how much I love this sport and how special it is to share it with my favourite people ever- Hubby and Kids!

Would I do it again? You bet!!! What was the best part? ALL OF IT!!


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