The Veggie Cafe @ The Muffin House

Ahhh..vegan food. Some people eat it as a lifestyle, some people eat it to stay healthy, some people just lowkey enjoy it! A vegetarian food restaurant with a twist of adventure The Veggie Cafe @ The Muffin House.

When I say vegetarian and healthy food…what comes to mind?  Bland, tasteless and only green? Well, if that is your answer, you need to redifine your definition of healthy vegetarian food. Located in the heart of Seremban, Seremban Gateaway, on the second floor, their menu typically consists of raw food, western dishes, smoothies and fashionable desserts and Japanese too!

Veggie Cafe @ The Muffin House is a restaurant that will steal your heart for many different reasons whether you are a vegetarian or not!


If there’s one thing I know about humans, it’s that we love pizza. And just because someone decides to do away with dairy and meat in their diet, doesn’t mean they should have to miss out on one of the tastiest creations known to man! Luckily there are tons of amazing recipes available to vegan pizza lovers the world over-that will satisfy their cravings for what some call the perfect food…….eat up!

In some circles, sushi is synonymous with ‘raw fish’…and clearly not on the menu for vegan or vegetarian diners. Thankfully, Cafe Veggie @ The Muffin House offers a variety of- course veggie spread sure to satisfy anyone’s sushi cravings and delicious California rolls, Volcano rolls, Tempura rolls any many more…..


From simple to sumptuous, avocados add flair to any salad recipe. Veggie Cafe @ The Muffin House has avocado salad to suit any taste or occasion. A collection of richer, side dish with avocado and creamy dressing and stimulate your taste buds with the flavorful avocado salad.


Served with shredded carrots for added texture, this fried rice is earthly, crunchy & savory. With a few simple yet delicious ingredients this dish comes together very easily. It has a unique flavour profile for a fried rice. The flavors in this dish are a traditional Japanese combination and really play off one another well.


We are a nation that loves breakfast food. Yet plently of us still skip our morning meal. Why? Because we are too busy! But that excuse will no longer be acceptable -once you order ‘The Friendly Breakfast’ whether you prefer sweet or savory, this dish- from fluffy pancakes to scrambled eggs- for some, it’s sunny-side-up eggs..



This salted egg chicken uses aromatic curry leaves to complement the salted egg yolk. One bite is enough to make you hanker for more. A dish that would satisfy even the most discerning salted egg fun. Juicy ‘chicken’ fried to golden perfection and coated with velvety of golden salted egg cream. The latest trendy dish loved by all veggie lovers!



Greet the morning with a warm croissant sandwich. Delicious egg mayo on a buttery croissant makes a tasty start to your day. It’s only better in a croissant because….a croissant is bigger and it holds more egg mayo! Don’t you think so?


Start your morning with a ‘yummy-licious’ waffle with banana topped with warm maple syrup or a dollop of whipped cream/ice cream. Great waffles!


If you like spicy and pungent flavors, this vegetarian laksa has your name on it! This vegetarian laksa noodle is amazing. This is the kind of noodle soup I could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner because it contains so many of my favourite ingredients, coconut milk, red curry paste, curry powder and noodles. There’s nothing more appealing than a bowl of bright orange broth and noodles topped with loads of veggies to make me want to dive and devour. MUST. EAT. NOW.


It’s no secret that chocolate and coffee make a fabulous pair. Combined with rich, full bodied espresso with bittersweet mocha sauce and steamed milk, then top it off with sweetened whipped cream….just classic!

Situated in the heart of Seremban, Seremban Gateway. The Veggie Cafe @ The Muffin House serves the food of modern day vegan by proving that vegetarian food can be flavoursome, creative and satisfying with a menu that is varied and imaginative.




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