Find Serenity in Seremban….

Escape to an idyllic spa at d’ Tempat Country Club – The Sanctuary Asia Spa and choose from a variety of spa treatments that soothe both, mind and body.

In this age of technology, stress and hyper-competition, Sanctuary Asia Spa provides a uniquely secluded urban environment to rejuvenate, relax and take pleasure.

Forget the nine to five during your visit to Sanctuary Asia Spa at d’ Tempat Country Club and unwind in the whirlpool or relax in the steam rooms and sauna, designed with comtemporary style and subtle touch of Balinese. Indulge in a tantalizing array of treatments and therapies that is designed to balance, relax and restore your senses when the stresses of everyday life take their toll.

The delicate Balinese ladies urshered me into a treatment room and gave me a robe/towel to put on and told me to enjoy a 20 to 30 minutes of sauna and then instructing me to lay down on the table when I was ready. I lay down and let out a long exhale, wondering what their supple little hands could achieve…and then, I saw the light!

“Soft or hard, madam?” I really do love this question from a masseuse. Not because I’d be worried about her strength and potential cruelty, but because it just makes me feel that the masseuse is well-trained and knows exactly what she is doing.

I had the pleasure to experience techniques of acupressure, reflexology, aromatheraphy, sauna and jazucci. My skin was rolled and flicked by Miss Yati, the masseuse during the procedure, while some essential oils was applied to stimulate the flow of my blood and chi energy in my body.

It was a relaxing massage. I lied down the whole time and the only physical effort I’d made was turning from my stomach onto my back. This massage helped to relieve pain from my body as well as reduced stress and brought my body back into balance.

One hour later, I was sure the light of a thousand angels has shined down upon me and spirited away any trace of stress and tension, rendering my body to jelly. I had just experienced the closest thing to a religious awakening and knew that from this day forward I was converted! LOL…….

Interestingly, I also found out that the Balinese massage technique is influenced by other Chinese and Indian techniques including the holistic medical Ayurveda technique. By folding and kneading the skin and working every muscle of the body, the techniques promotes blood flow, energy and oxygen throughout my body. Which I guess explains why I felt light as air. I truly enjoyed this delightful blend of massage techniques. Sanctuary Asia Spa offers an array of spa services that will put your mind, body and soul on a path toward total relaxation. From a full body massage, body treatment to aromatherapy and reflexology, their trained staff will assure you of a pleasant, soothing and healthy experience. They take pride in offering the best experience and a high quality service by training their therapists intensively.

Come and get pampered in the beautiful, relaxing atmosphere of Sanctuary Asia Spa @ d’ Tempat Country Club.

For more information, please log on to or please call +017 9777923 for reservations.




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