Shamrock Run 2019 ROCKS!

This is one crazy-pants race! It is definitely a tradition, good times, social, community run. The Shamrock run! For those that haven’t done it before, it’s really more of a run about having a good time and most folks make it one of their first race events. You get a lot of folks are dressed up and really it’s about being part of the event and enjoying the music, goodies, food and people.  The Shamrock Run 2019 is organized by the Malaysian Irish Alumni Association with strong collaboration from the Embassy of Ireland in Malaysia and O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe as the main partner.

Top 5 reasons why you should run the Shamrock Run 2019

1.It’s a new venue

It will be held at UIA Stadium Gombak. The route will pass leafy and hilly surroundings of the UIA Gombak Campus. There are 2 categories of the run, the 10km Men and Women Open for those aged 18 and above and 5km Family Fun Open Category, of which strollers and children are much welcomed.

2.You don’t have to run

Many fun runs have a variety of distance options, some going down to just a couple of kilometres where you have the option to jog or walk if you can’t keep going. Worried you might look silly if you can’t finish? If you can’t continue-stop! Nobody will think less of you and in fact, you’ll find that many people you meet on that day will be new to running events and are there, just like you, to see how far they can push themselves!

3.It’s social!

Research tells us if we exercise with others (We call them ‘accountability partners’) we are more likely to achieve our goals. You’ll also be spending quality time together, you will inspire each other and be more motivated to see it through.

4.It’s fun!

They don’t call it a fun run for no reason. The atmosphere and energy at fun runs can be amazing. The organizer will have music playing, entertainment and someone with motivating words blaring over a loudspeaker. People even will run infancy dress and others push strollers and prams. It’s a wonderful experience, whether you’re long-time runner or not!

5.You will feel great afterwards

Crossing that finishing line with hundreds of other people simply feels great. Not only have you achieved your goal, you are part of a huge group of people all there for the same reason.

To prepare, just lace up your running shoes and go! It doesn’t matter how fast at first…….YOUR PACE, YOUR RACE!

So, whether you are setting a goal for a new you or a goal to be part of something bigger than YORUSELF, RUN!! Register now to enjoy an early bird discount by 15 March 2019 at



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