The SCORE MARATHON 2019 and countdown…

Driven by their unyielding mission to inspire a healthier lifestyle for all, SCORE returns to shake up the local running event with their annual landscape with their annual signature running event. Now that the event is half-a-decade old, Malaysia’s biggest one-stop sports and fitness event organiser is taking off its training wheels and debuting their first ever full-length marathon!  This year’s theme is none than “conquer together”, a nod to the runners who’ve grown together alongside the event since its inception. I am very honoured and truly blessed to have been part of this prestige event since it was first held.

Introducing the official payment partner for SCORE Marathon 2019, UNIONPAY. Also on board the SCORE Marathon 2019, the bronze sponsor, FUTURO.

So what to do you do, a few days before the big race???

The last few days before your big running race, and your fate is sealed.

The day before a race may be a stressful time for some runners—especially those participating in their first long distance event. The pre-race advice that runners should follow: Don’t dramatically change your regular routine the day before the race. Runners should maintain their daily routine the day immediately before the race, considering only a few modifications.

Here are 10 useful tips why you should arrive early to race venue and you should start with the SCORE MARATHON this weekend.

Reasons why its considered a good practice to arrive early to race venues:

1. To have a good warmup ahead of flag off


2.Easier to find parking spaces


3.Porta -porti time…..To have ample time to avoid toilet queues to clear your bowel


4.Wishing fellow runners good morning will make you and others feel good.

5.Plenty of time to catch a quick nap(wink) if needed.

6.Collect race kit(where necessary)

7.Have a pre-tour of exhibition booths, event backdrop, trophies so that you know what to expect after your run finishes

8.You generally will feel more relaxed if arrive early.

9.Take a few group selfies(if you wish to)

10.And finally, for elite runners, a chance to view who are their fellow competitors in and around the starting line.

A big shout out to all sponsors and a very special thanks goes to Captain Lee for the tips, advise and guidance.  

All in all, the Feel Good Factor will be there if you arrive early for your event!



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