Stay at Home Challenge (3 KM RUN)


The current Covid-19 pandemic sure has uprooted the daily lives of many runners. And although most large races that were set to take place this year have been postponed or canceled, many runners are still eager and willing to get outside for their workouts, especially if it’s the only time they go outside all day.

Don’t let the virus get you down and make the historic “Stay at home challenge 3 KM Run” part of your self-quarantine routine. While we are practising social distancing and staying indoors, don’t forget to stay active. You can run, jog or walk anytime and anywhere. ( At home/indoors/garden/porch etc)


The battle against Covid-19 rages on. All around the world, responsible citizens are doing their part by staying home to flatten the curve. For runners, this is a small sacrifice we must make. And so, here’s a shout out to all runners to get up, run and take this challenge. You can run on your treadmill, in your porch along your house, in your garden, around the kitchen table etc.


Distance: 3 KM

Registration period: Now- 10th June 2020

Run/Upload results period: Now-24 June 2020

Venue: Anywhere (Safe to run)

Category/Fee: RM20 (excluded courier fee)

Entitlement: Event T-shirt, E-Certificate and sling bag (ULTRON)


STEP 1: Register

STEP 2: Run & Record using app example Pacer, Racerunner, Strava etc (You can run anywhere/ You can run in multiple segments)

STEP 3: Upload results to the event page

STEP 4: Wait and receive finisher award!

Swapping the pounding pavements for plush carpets doesn’t sound all too bad does it? The stairs don’t limit you to only ‘step-up, step-down’ exercises either, get creative.

Once you feel like a ‘stair-exercise master’- run and exercise for an extra challenge.

To participate and register go to


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