What is Kpop X Fitness?

Kpop X Fitness is the first fitness workout successfully incorporated with mind-blowing K-POP creativity & fitness intensity.

KpopX Fitness is a fast growing fitness program in K-Pop Style in Singapore. Easy Popular Intense and Creative – the four magic elements that make KpopX Fitness- EPIC. Cleverly incorporated fitness intensity into simplified dance Moves. Sweat it out to 13 to 14 Kpop hits in one session! Founded by Maddy Lim, Singapore, Dance fitness choreographer.

I took my training and license and became a certified Kpop X Fitness instructor in 2019 which Maddy Lim conducted the training in Kuala Lumpur and my journey from Seremban took about an hour and a half and it was worth it. This program was very new to me and soon I discovered the benefits, joy, happiness and passion in dancing, training and teaching this program.

Good dance teachers care about their students’ class.

GREAT dance teachers care about their students.

Good teachers teach as best as they can for the one session they have. They prepare, are attentive, drill techniques and grooves, describe their movements thoroughly – whatever to make that time valuable. ‍Great dance teachers not only teach, but develop relationships with their students. Not necessarily a BFFL friendship, but one of mentorship. Great dance teachers take the time to know who their students are, what they’re good at, what they need help in, and how they learn best.

Good dance teachers can teach a lot of choreography. GREAT dance teachers can teach a lot about dancing.

If you paid to just learn choreography, then by all means, find the teachers that know how to jam a lot of moves in that 60-90 minutes. But, if you want to understand your body better, practice different ways of executing movement, and fully absorb whatever amount of choreography taught… then find the teachers that teach you how to dance.

It’s pretty obvious when a teacher is just trying to get through the sections until they reach some checkpoint. ‍Great dance teachers, no matter how much choreography they get through, will leave you feeling like you learned something about dance.

GREAT dance teachers gives you props and constructive feedback.

You can’t learn if you don’t know what you gotta learn.‍ Great teachers know how to balance both praise and constructive criticism. They understand that their job isn’t to baby their students and make them happy so they don’t unfollow them.

Ultimately, their job is to push them to become better. (Which will make everyone happy!)

Good dance teachers come prepared. GREAT dance teachers come prepared to be flexible.

As a Kpop X fitness Instructor, I love it when dance teachers know the exact lyrics to the song they’re teaching to – not because I mind if they make something up, but because it shows that they went that extra step to Google search the lyrics.

Preparation is great.

Great dance teachers come truly prepared, meaning they’re ready to adapt at moment’s notice.

This means they can be great teachers, not just for one specific situation, but for all situations.

For example, if a dance teacher starts teaching and soon realizes that their students cannot keep up with the pace of their teaching, they should either be ready to simplify the choreography, spend more time drilling combos, or teach less but teach carefully.

They should NOT just go on teaching the class on their own pace.

Or if there is language barrier, a great dance teacher will be able to find alternate ways of explaining their movements.

Good dance teachers love to dance. A GREAT dance teacher loves to dance and love to teach.

For any Instructor to get to a point where they’re teaching, they probably love dance a lot.

But for them to become great at teaching dance, they have to love teaching.

Not all good scientists make great science teachers, not all artists make good art teachers.

That distinction is everything –Are you a KPOP X FITNESS INSTRUCTOR? Check.

That’s the only way you’ll be a great dance teacher. In conclusion, the concept is simple: You can learn to teach, too.


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