The Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon

wp-1453731344366.jpgAnd my journey continues….. In the days leading to my first race for 2016 The Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon, my nerves started to get to me!

Just a few days before race day, tragedy struck! My dad was involved in a motorcycle and trailer accident. But by God’s grace, he survived and sustained with minor injuries. My one and only sister, Joanne who lives and works in Abu Dhabi immediately took the next flight home to be with daddy and the family. We are thankful and grateful to God almighty!

Soon, The Cyberjaya Twincity marathon race day was here! Well, half heartedly, I dragged myself to go for the race. To make matters worst, 12 km was not given a timing chip. The organisers clarified and informed that last year was the same, “no timing chip for 12 km” too.

My hubby, signed up for the 21 km half marathon and the flag off was at 5.30am. We arrived at the start off point at 4.45am. However, the flag off time for 12 km was at 6.30am. So I had to wait…….So, instead of warming up before the race, I decided to snooze in the car while waiting for the flag off time and my partner in crime, Yun Ling to arrive.

We parked the cars apart from each other, it was like from North to South. Boy oh boy! We were late! We had to rushed and run to the starting point because it was already 6.25am. In a way, we made a grand entrance! Just seconds after that, 12km runners were flagged off at 6.29am. We barely caught our breath from the “warm up session”, running from our cars to the starting point…..LOL

I felt the effort to catch up was torturous but after 2 km I put in a bit of an effort and tried to put my nose in front and I realised to see how big the lead group was but I could only hear footsteps, total darkness the moment we reached the tunnel. It was like a scene in a horror movie, we could only see shadows and footsteps and in my thoughts and in my mind…My imagination was that a white figure,dress in long white gown and long hair to appear in front of me to “Boooo Chakkk!” me…Eeekkk.

Well, minutes later my thoughts then focus on a nasty hill ahead! OMG! I gave my best. After reaching the other side of the lane, we headed down hill where I pushed harder to try to give some speed but my knees took a beating as well.

The organisers did a pretty good job. Water stations and rest rooms were provided. Dehydration was not an issue, however, it would be good if the volunteers could be more efficient and ready with the cups. Most runners had to queue up for water. The organisers even provided roti canai for the 42 Km runners.

 I lost heart a bit when I realised I was way behind my personal time. However, running in Cyberjaya was exciting and the organisers barricaded the roads well and marshalls were all on standby, despite the crowd, watching people’s expressions and outfits from the opposite lane was fun.


I think the legs just had to pay a price. Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon was hard work, every single step felt like a mini struggle. I sometimes feel like that early on and things improve after I’m warmed up but not so today. I realised how much my legs hurt and how badly I wanted to walk. I had been running nearly continuously up until then, minus a few steep hill climbs and I knew I couldn’t give in right then and there, especially with just a few KM left.

Hundreds if not thousands of runners passed me and in the photos I looked completely ragged. I didn’t kick to finish like I normally do, I just kept the same pace. I painfully crossed the finish line and made my way through to find my hubby and partner in crime. To be honest, it was kind of blur but I randomly grabbed my finisher’s medal, water, banana and chilled out with the crowd in a carnival atmosphere.

As heartbreaking as it might be, it also makes you want revenge and come back stronger!

Overall, kudos to Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon 2016! I will be back next year!


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