IJM Rimbayu Run with me 2016

For me, one of the most amazing thing behind any run, race or marathon is everything gets left behind……your background, your job, your age, your gender. None of it is relevant! Running is an open sport for all, it does not matter if you have a lot or little of money, whether you have a university qualification or a dropped out from school, all you need is a pair of running shoes and a passion for running….

For many of us, we use running as a way to chill out or de-stress, a way to declutter what may be going on in our lives. Running can make it a very personal time, a time for a little gossip or a little rant about something annoying us, we talk and we share (before, during and after) the run. Therefore, I always feel very privileged to be part of that space and energy, to be allowed and invited by the organisers to write stories and to spend that special time with them out on the run!

IJM Rimbayu Run With Me 2016- let’s run together-gather lah!Hmmm…we see each other going through all emotions when running. We sometimes see each other at our lowest- the killer hill at 7 KM when you are doing 12 KM, the run where you forgot to fuel properly and you hit the wall, the run where everything hurts and all you want to do is cry…..etc….However, this is where it gets good because……through these tough times, our running friends provide the best support! We share our last tissue, give away our last drop of energy drink, provide encouraging words, a smile…..We are in it together and together we motivate and inspire each other.

If you are lucky enough to have great running friends or “sole mates/sisters” like I do, I challenge you to join IJM Rimbayu Run With Me and have an extra mile on this run together-gather!

If you are new to running……the exciting part is that I believe you will soon be making new friends! This is where your challenge comes! Be brave and take the first step, go and ask your office mates, that neighbour, that person you sort of know, who you have seen going out for a little run……Let’s go together-gather for IJM Rimbayu Run With Me 2016.

It may seem a daunting prospect but go and pull up those running socks, lace up, take a deep breath and let’s go sign up now!

You never know who you might meet and the friendships you will make along the way!


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