PD Coast Run 2016

PD Coast Run also known as “Larian Seribu Senyuman” celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality, fun and of course- SMILES!

The atmosphere rocks! Seriously, the sound of waves and seabirds, the smell of the ocean, the beautiful vistas- does it get any better than that??

This weekend will be the PD Coast Run…just in case you are keeping tabs. If you are hitting the road- PD Pantai Cahaya for the PD Coast Run be sure to pack your sunscreen, some tasty snacks, your running shoes..Running by the beach allows for not only a change in scenery but also an opportunity to meet some local runners.

blog-post-checklist.jpgPre- Race Day Check-List:

  1. Eat a nutrious (and normal) breakfast :- Eat the same things that you have been working for you through your training. Don’t try anything new or overeat-no matter how tempting that waffle or nasi lemak might be.
  2. Sip, don’t gulp, water:- Most of your key hydration prior to a race happens the day before. Don’t drink too much water in the morning before your run, or else risk making a dreaded porta potty stop.
  3. Get to the starting line early:- Always allow for more time at the race check-in than you think you’ll need. Between grabbing your bib, going to the bathroom, and getting to the starting line, you will be glad you got there with plenty of time to spare.
  4. Embrace the race-day madness and enjoy your runner’s high:- You have come this far-enjoy it! The energy at a race is one of a kind. Soak up the awesomeness with your fellow runners and feel proud you have made it to the start line!

Things to expect:

  1. Shuffle to starting line (it takes a while for that many people to get moving)
  2. Butterflies (You will get super nervous)
  3. Excitement (yay……woot…woot….Nervous adrenaline)
  4. The “pack” will get moving quickly and sweep you away, faster than you “should” or expect to run-be etra cautious not to get swept in.
  5. You will doubt yourself at some point of the race…THIS IS NORMAL!
  6. You will also reach a point when you say to yourself, “Hey, I can do this….I AM DOING THIS!!!”
  7. Afterward, you may want to throw up……..then you may want that cold chilled cup of Milo…hmmmmm..
  8. Last but not least, when they put that finisher medal around your neck….You may tear up……


Happy feet! Happy me! Happy running! See you at Port Dickson for PD Coast Run – Larian Seribu Senyuman 2016″


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