Vampire VS Zombie Virtual Race


Super? Scary? Super scary, or just plain silly? Whatever you do, don’t look back! Don’t stop! Run! Run! Run!

With Halloween creeping up on us, there are a few great ways to not only celebrate Halloween and keep your fitness, but also to have fun and stay healthy! A new way to trick or Treat!

Vampire VS Zombie Race…WOW, that 5K run was awesome! Really…….you had to be there! OK! OK! I didn’t really……

That’s the beauty of a fast-moving trend in running: the virtual race. Runners sign up for events, receive the usual swag, such as finisher medal or T-Shirt, then run the distance at any time and on any route that works for me. Avoiding the Porta-Potty Lines is a bonus.

While I was running this morning, my thoughts went to Cinderella. Why Cinderella?? Because she is one happy motivated runner. Snow White- not a runner, Cinderella is a runner, although not the most practical, glass slippers and all. She is happy and motivated. Sure, she had struggles. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated for exercise. Cinderella started off with the same running issues anyone could have: a slave to housework, negative nagging family members, a bad job and heavy work demand. Then she tossed off the glass slippers and went out for a night run. The rest is history. The moral of the story: “Running brings you happiness” and perhaps a pumpkin carriage, a big castle and  prince charming…LOL

With that in mind, I have completed my Vampire VS Zombie Virtual 5KM Race…So what are you waiting for???

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