Make the Im-possible, Possible!

Whether you’re trying to get your family healthy, limit screen time or just looking to spend time with your children, the solution can be as simple as running. Not only can your children benefit from the regular physical and emotional challenges.

The KL Possible Run which will be held March 11 2017 at Padang Merbok!
My Hubby, children and I will be joining the 3 km family fun run. Why join the KL Possible Run 2017, well, it’s the examination week for the kids and the best way to have some fun and relax as well as de-stress is some awesome fun and family bonding too! To me, running is not just about the miles or achieving the best possible time. For kids, we need variety and fun attitude for them to enjoy and de-stress.

Hope to see all of you there at the KL Possible Run regardless of the personal best you’re trying to achieve or the marathon you’re training for, the runs you take with your child are about the two of you.

Take advantage of this time to learn about your son or daughter and what motivates them to achieve their own goals. It may even reinvigorate your own running regimen.

Make the Im-possible………Possible! KL Possible Run 2017


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