Restaurant Belqis- Arabian Restaurant

As you walked into the restaurant, you might be a little confused….The restaurant’s set up makes you feel that you are no longer in Malaysia but somewhere in the Middle East. The interiors are fairly basic and not naturally ambient, it’s not surprising that the venue prefers to focus on the cuisine rather than the decor. “Excellence is not a skill, but an attitude” is reflected in the food and service at Belqis Restaurant.

With the chef armed with years of experience from Yemen, the restaurant promises to serve authentic Arabian food.

Many of the dishes come in platters, of two people and more, enough to feed the whole family. A very common picture of Arabian dining that comes into our mind is of large cluster of people sitting around the table, with generous amount of rice topped with perhaps a whole lamb.

Their Biryanis, notably the most popular dish, are of particular merit and well worth their reputation. However, they also offer a popular selection of starters and kebabs. The “wannabe” authentic Arabic ambiance of the restaurant compliments the cuisine on offer, primarily a selection of tastefully presented and well-made Middle East delicacies. The large-portioned and reasonably priced Biryanis, vegetarian or grilled dishes are a must and so is their popular mixed grill selection, where diners will receive a generous and delicious combination of lamb and chicken, served with tasty sides and fries.

Just don’t take my word for it, Try it!¬†Restoran Belqis, No 165, Jalan S2 B22, Pusat Dagangan Centrio

or contact 066014002 or 0122913170


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