Too Hot Too Handle

fb_img_1497587099552.jpgToo hot too handle…me?? Ehh..Noooo..Nooo… I wasn’t talking about me. LOL! I was referring to The Chili Fighter….What is Chili Fighter?

Ever heard of RUN TO EAT? Yes, after an awesome run…It’s time for runners to “re-load”. Head on down to Chili Fighter at Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2.

What do they serve?


Hot and spicy..what’s unique about this restaurant is this is how you place your order:

Step 1: Select vegetables/ meat

Step 2: Select flavor (Different types of chili flavor)

Step 3: Select the level of spiciness (super spicy,spicy,average or mild)

Step 4: The total price is determined by its weight

Here’s how it works: Diners can choose their selected fish-Red Tilapia, Sea Bass, Black Promfret or Garoupa with any accompanying sauces of their choice. The sauces include the signature fragrant spicy sauce (Spicy & Sour), Black Bean Sauce (non-spicy), Unique (Sweet, sour and “Ma””La” together)- intense spicy!

The crystal fish: Spicy? Yes! Intense? Yes!

The fish was chunky and fresh, the sauce tasted authentic enough. Though I must encourage you to come with a bigger group to ‘share-share’.

To enjoy the next dish, you have to be OK with rolling up your sleeves, rending that fish with your chopsticks and digging in!

You might feel abit squemish when thinking about eating limbs of the grimy and slimy amphibian, but it has become part of an essential cuisine, usually stir-fried. This exotic dish is not just a culinary delicacy. Here’s a reason why you should hop over to grab this grub! It is a nutritional powerhouse dish. The lean meat is high in protein. It’s also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, potassium and vitamin A. On top of that, the taste and texture of the meal is mild, like a mix of chicken and fish.

After an enjoyable flaming meal, time for you to cool down and chill with these drinks. I tried the banana smoothie which was blended to perfection and it was not only positively delicious, but absolutely refreshing! Whizz to satisfaction!

I would give this newly opened restaurant, Chili Fighter a thumbs up for a hot and spicy, flaming affair! This restaurant excite taste buds with bold, often unfamiliar flavours!

You gotta try it, to believe it!


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