The Performance Series (TPS) Race Review


I love to run & I want to share that love with my kids. The first time my son and daughters asked to run with me, I was ecstatic! I’m not alone in wanting my kids to catch the running fever. Go to almost any local race and you’re sure to find a kids’ fun run or a family run. Or you’ll find a kid from any age group lined up next to you at the starting line.

As my daughters get older, their friends are becoming more important. She has more homework, tuition classes, basketball practice, piano classes etc…craving out a few family run has become our time together.

The Performance Series (TPS) was a great opportunity for me as a parent to bond with my children, for friends to catch up with each other and for couples to spend quality time with one another. TPS had three categories, 21KM Half marathon, 10KM and the 5KM Fun Run.

This time, Hubby and I decided to run with the kiddos the 5KM Fun Run, so as this was a non-competitive run, there was no stress in squeezing all the way to front of the start pen like I always do for other races. My children and I decided to ride on this no-stress approach by just enjoying the route.

The race was really easy to get to and there’s a huge and secure/safe parking lot (The mall’s parking lot) right across from the start line which made it easy to pick up our race packs, get all ready, then put everything back in the car. Syabas to the organisers for hiring extra security/RELAS to keep our cars and belonging safe!

There are usually two ways it goes down after the gun goes off-my children will either proceed to put all their effort and energy into sprinting the first 1KM before they slow down to a walk or they’ll blow past me and I’ll never see them again….after they have crossed the finished line. Either way, it’s always fun to see!

But once we started running, there was no looking back. My son and daughter set the pace, ran the entire thing, and only stopped to walk at the water stations. And running through an early dawn, lit-by-sunrise at this beautiful route in Setia Alam indeed provided the necessary motivation to keep them going.

For the 5KM Fun Run, the water stations were situated perfectly and in accordance to what was stated on the route map, with volunteers working tireless to make sure everyone was hydrated.

For parents who take their children for runs together should keep a few things in perspective, just like me, I set a few rules:-

  1. Know your own child’s limitations
  2. When you sign up for a run, ensure you have read thoroughly the terms and conditions
  3. Encourage them,don’t push them
  4. Let them set and maintain their own pace
  5. Walk when they want to walk and don’t make them feel guilty for walking
  6. Let them run their own race; don’t point out other kids who are faster, farther ahead etc.
  7. Shower them with praise at the finish line

If your kids aren’t overly athletic or haven’t run anything before, these shorter distances are perfect. We weren’t looking to break any land- speed records. We were just looking to have fun and finish. Amazingly my 10 year old son finished the race with the time of  30 minutes and my 12 year old daughter clocked 33 minutes. If you keep that as your goal, FUN AND FINISH, then I believe almost any kid can get out there and run a 5KM (Any adult, too, for that matter)

After the race, there was tons of great snacks for finishers. In addition to the race, one of the best parts of being part of TPS is getting to meet up with people and runners and best of all bonding with my children. If you are looking for a fun and flat 5KM experience in or around Setia Alam, Shah Alam, I would highly recommend this one and yes, I will be back again next year! Kudos to the organisers and sponsors! You guys rock!

Whether you’re an avid runner or desperately clinging to a New Year’s Resolution (weight lost/ 100km milage a month etc), don’t leave the little ones at home.Strap some sneakers on your kids and get them out there, too!



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