Race Review : 5KM Fun Run Malaysia Women Marathon 2018

You love running. You love your kids. The idea of running a race with your kids combines two of your passions and can only amount to an all-around wonderful experience. You will spend the time together bonding while you run. You will take in the scenery, get some good exercise and cross the finish line holding hands and smiling. You will exchange high fives as your children glow with a sense of accomplishment.

What a fun race and lively vibe throughout the race. The marshals were awesome cheering you all the way, I am definitely doing this 5km fun run again.

The weather at Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam was perfect running weather, thank you to the organisers who put in that order, little to no wind, not too warm and sunny. A little congested at the start but not a train smash when you stand inside the crowd.

The Malaysia Women Marathon 2018 race started with the full marathon 42km category at 4am, silenced,so that you could hear the gun and off they went….! Up next was the half marathon 21km category which was flagged off at 5.30am followed by the 10km at 7.00am and then it was the 5km fun run category at 7.15am.

The 5km route itself was great-fairly no frills, but we had two water/aid stations. It was well marked and had plenty of volunteers. The starting times were staggered that people did not run into each other, which I liked, and all the races started on time.

After you crossed the finish line, it’s super organised. You get your flower, your ‘bling’-medal, can take pictures, get water and refreshments, hang out with awesome runners and just chill and have fun…….Girls just wanna have fun!!

Running allows you to inspire others. Ever wonder how you started running? Chances are, you were inspired by someone you know or someone you read about….For me, it is because of my beautiful mother, Eunice Philomena Beins.Well, you are someone’s else’s inspiration. YES, YOU! YOU! YOU! Just like how I was inspired by my mother, a breast cancer survivor, right now, at this moment, you are inspiring someone else to lace up their shoes and go out for a run! See you next year MWM! Isn;t that a great feeling! Happy International Women’s Day!


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