Standard Chartered KL Marathon Pre-jitters

Hmmm…After slacking a little bit these past few weeks, I am definitely back in swing of training. I wouldn’t say I was slacking completely, but it was just a little hard to be as dedicated as I wanted to be with extra teaching classes for my IGCSE students, extra tutoring lessons, coaching and teaching my own kids, being a mommy, a wife, a daughter, a teacher……..Ohhhhhh..

The Standard Chartered International KL Marathon is just a few days away..I am still emotional about the whole thing. This morning, while I was running, every runner talks to her/himself during runs and I had to tell myself to shut up! Just shut up!

I had to shut myself up and move past that self-doubt. I made a choice to run 21 km half marathon and there was no way I was quitting now.  I tried to think of training for SCKL as a gift to myself. I was giving myself the gift of running a sport I actually love.

What I have learned over the years since I started running is this: If I am going to be a better, stronger, more successful runner I need to keep making mistakes. Mistakes (not just in running, but in life too) It’s not about being perfect. It is about experimenting, learning, improving and overcoming.

I like to think that the mistakes I have made not just as a runner, but in life, have made me resilient and want to fight back! Knock me down and I will try to stand back up ( and punch you). In this day and age of chasing perfection as we are bombarded by social media, I say go mess it up! Do it often because it means you are trying! But ultimately make sure you learn from you mistakes!

Well, congratulations on your effort so far…..I would like to wish you good luck and a wonderful ‘Day of celebration’. Running a marathon or a half marathon can be viewed as a threefold process. First is the commitment to enter the race, then after making this sometimes overwhelming decision, you commit yourself to train for the momentous challenge ahead. Finally, you can enjoy the most rewarding and gratifying phase of the marathon, the event itself. With it come endless satisfying memories of course and crossing the finish line!

Have a great race and run well at SCKL 2018- I will be rooting for you!



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