Do you think the Cowardly Lion could have run a marathon? After all, he overcame all kinds of fears and obstacles throughout The Wizard of Oz. And at the end, he was awarded a medal for his bravery! Kind of similar to training and running a marathon. In two weeks time, 5 May 2018, I will once again embark my 21 KM journey at The Night Score Run at PutraJaya.

Am I brave? Brave enough to tackle 21KM Half marathon once again? Strong enough not to bail at the starting line? It takes courage to line up to run a race.

Most runners aren’t competing for first place. They’re competing against themselves, either for a better personal time or simply to finish. Life is similar. While it may look like a race against each other, the only real competition is yourself. Rather than looking over your shoulder to see how everybody else is doing, focus inward to see how you can evolve.

Sometimes many of life’s regrets come when we look back and realized we were so focused on reaching a destination that we forget to appreciate the journey.

We are so busy trying to get to the next stage or reach the next goal that we miss out on the journey. Don’t get me wrong, at every stage in life, we should be growing and moving towards a goal, but unless you stop to appreciate where you are, you will wind up missing the whole experience.

So my dear fellow friends and runners, Lace up and log off! See you at the SCORE NIGHT RUN on the 5 May 2018 at PutraJaya.


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