Dim Sum @ Han Pi Yuen Royale Chulan Seremban

Brings people and taste together. Dim sum means “touch the heart.” Small, shareable offerings change from one service to the next.

When it comes to a delicious Chinese cuisine, it is impossible not to talk about the beauty that is dim sum. Originally from Guangzhou, China, this style of communal eating has made its name in many different parts of the world, often revitalising the traditional technique with a twist unique to each country. Originally, they were finger foods of sort, that accompanied tea-drinking, but has grown to become an incredibly popular style of eating. Gathered around a table with a spread of delicious, bite-sized goodies, there really is no better way to spend time with family and friends on a weekend.

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to have Dim Sum with my hubby, mum and dad. We headed to the Han Pi Yuen Restaurant just the right timing for ‘brunch’ time and the restaurant looked lovely especially the ambiance which was so inviting. Han Pi Yuen Chinese restaurant is located at Royale Chulan, Seremban! The restaurant spots a contemporary and oriental interior, with nice natural light in the day and view of the city.

First are the familiar buns and dumplings: light and delicately wrapped har graw, steam shrimp dumpling, packed with delicate pink shrimp. Deep-fried dumplings come with various fillings:  Each arrives at the table in different shapes with a rapid-fire description in Chinese.

There are more adventurous offerings. Char Kuey covered with rice paste is intermittently crunchy, pasty and starchy. These textures initially seem off-putting but then become addicting.

Shrimp stuffed tofu is unbelievably airy. The crunchy affair with the fried banana fritters, which gave a sweet taste, steamed prawn dumpling with fresh beetroot, steamed prawn dumpling with charcoal, steamed Siew Mai with mini abalone and the table is suddenly overcome with plates and steam vessels.

Service is just as quick. You won’t notice your Chinese tea being filled or the mysterious arrival of extra napkins. Anticipation of the bowls takes over and these service standards happen machinelike without any noticeable interruption.

The prawn toast was delish and you could taste the freshness of the prawns. All the items were hot and the skin still crispy.

I have to say that I am quite impressed with the quality of these dim sum. Each individual dish surprised me with awe by the textures and flavours. The management , staff and chefs have worked really hard in finding the best substitutes without compromising the taste and authenticity of traditional Chinese dim sum. My favourite was the really juicy and flavourful siew mai, soft pillowy custard bun with oozing sweet and savory lava, super springy and bouncy otak-otak and smooth, velvety congee, longan and many more……

Pricing is on a higher side (compared to your neighbourhood dim sum joints), but then again having good quality, dim sum is never a cheap affair.

Thank you to the team at Mr Leo Kuscher, The General Manager, Mr Edward and team for inviting us over and making sure we enjoyed ourselves. We had such a fabulous experience and we would gladly head to the restaurant again any day for its amazing array of dim sum which are all freshly prepared every weekend.

For reservations, Please call Han Pi Yuen Restaurant at 06-766 6666 extension 6229/6120 or 6103.



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