Port Dickson Fitness Festival 2019

Let the rhythm move you!

Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. Danced to great music, with great people like Kak Rosie, Zin Sasa, Zin Aida and burnt a ton of calories without even realising it!

A seas of colourful and festive merrymakers and wellness enthusiasts that filled the venue at Pantai Cahaya, Port Dickson with a bang on 12 January 2019, Saturday from 2.00pm until 11.00pm. Zumba groups from different parts of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia gathered and partied at the famous tourism venue for the first time. About 400 participants came together to make this event a success organised by Reezfa Cinta Fitness with collaboration Persatuan Kecergasan Daerah Port Dickson and Pejabat Belia dan Sukan Daerah Port Dickson.

I could mentioned many healthy benefits that ZUMBA has for my body, such as calorie burn, toning, stress release, the social aspect of it (It is ageless!), the fun, time passes (too) quickly, etc…And or course the fact, that the Port Dickson Fitness Festival was amazing….and it felt like life is a big beach party!

We arrived at 4.30pm, found a safe parking spot, changed into our comfy ZUMBA outfits and headed straight to the event venue only to discover that we were very early. The registration counter was not opened. What perhaps wasn’t so positive (But ultimately maybe is in the hands of the organisers) the lacked of proper signages/banners or should I say, there were extremely non-existence. The poor management and crowd control caused frustrating pushing and shoving at the registration booth.

Luckily, I managed to contact Kaizer Rizal, who immediately came to my rescue and assisted us and registered us, we even got a nice free black Tee (the first 200 participants). After that, I decided to take a short and brief tour around the venue, however, there were no food trucks located nearby, only a few small booths and stalls. Oh dear, I also observed that, there were no medics on stand-by. (Maybe I was a little to early) I walked a little more, watched the crowd come by little by little, got a glimpsed of the Zumba Instructors rehearsing, watched the young and also the young at heart, taking their positions in front of the stage. Loved the set up, it was near the beach, the wind was nice and breezy, a little humid but nevertheless we were surrounded by lots of shady trees and the music sound system was a blast!

At about 5.40pm, the party began to get pumped up! The ZUMBA party began, there were no loud vocal cues, instead the instructors used hand gestures and simply demonstrated their moves. The moves incorporated hip-hop, cumbia, joget, samba, salsa, mambo and more. Then there was Pop-reggaeton and even Bollywood songs thrown in.

The event was designed to bring people together, everybody and everybody! It started and begin with a warm up and ended with a cool down and some dynamic and static stretching. It was not a regular old aerobics class, each song was a different rhythm with a different dance routine so no Zumba group was equal to the other, specially the different instructors since they all added their own style to the moves. The best part? The moves were easy to learn! And they repeated in different songs, so the more you danced, the faster you will get the hang of it!

It’s addictive! First timers often find themselves struggling to keep up, but the fiesta atmosphere at Pantai cahaya Port Dickson will leave you wanting more!

The best part about this Zumba by the beach, though is that no experience is necessary to join in the fun. Anyone can do it! People of all ages, fitness levels and dancing abilities can have a blast while getting a good workout at their own level!

A big shout out goes to Mel-C for giving me the opportunity to extend your invitation for this party,  A big thank you and truly much appreciated to Kaizer Rizal and team for graciously assisting and for giving all the help on all the necessary information needed. It was an amazing experience well done and KUDOS!


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