Chinese New Year @ The Royale Chulan, Seremban @ Han Pi Yuen Restaurant

Get ready to be absolutely spoiled for choice at the Royale Chulan Hotel, Seremban’s Han Pi Yuen for you and your family to have a feast. If you’re looking for the quintessential Chinese reunion meal, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Chinese New Year’s all about getting together and eating to our heart’s delight (and maybe collecting those red packets- “ang pow”) The very first meal you’ll dig into is undoubtedly your reunion dinner- where all your loved ones are gathered around the same table and enjoying a seemingly endless amount of scrumptious food. If you’re thinking of upping the scale and making this year’s reunion dinner a truly unforgettable one, why not treat the family to a lavish reunion dinner at Han Pi Yuen.

The Han Pi Yuen Restaurant is a perfect venue for anyone planning to dine. Whether you are planning a corporate gathering, reunion or looking for a restaurant venue to impress your clients for this Chinese New Year, they have a variety of Chinese New Year set lunch and dinner menus that will surely delight the taste buds of diners ushering the New Year. These special Chinese New Year set menus starts from 4th until 6th February 2019, lunch from 12 noon until 2.30pm and dinner from 6.oo pm- 10.00pm. There are 3 sets of menu that you can select:-

The prosperous and Happiness Fatt Choy Chinese New Year Menu 1

 :- RM1,288 net per table of 10 persons

The Wealthy & Healthy Family Chinese New Year Menu 2

 :- RM1,388 net per table of 10 persons

The Fortune & Wealth Reunion Chinese New Year Menu 3

 :- RM1,688 net per table of 10 persons

Having your reunion meal here will surely put you in the festive mood.

Spring Yee Sang

Presented in a large plate, the type of ingredients are not what you normally find in a traditional Yee Sang. The Spring Yee Sang is sweet sour yet not cloying and the soft shell crab lends a splendid texture that leaves me wanting for more.

Double boiled superior baby shark fin with Morel


Chinese soup is almost a must in every Chinese Restaurant, which is always a pleasure to have for it. It must be the technique of preparing soup by the awesome Chef Jack, as I sipped the thick soup in all richness to the last bit. The soup was boiled to perfection and everything traditional soup should be!

Steamed glutinous rice with lobster

It was not difficult for all our attention to be arrested when this platter was served, which I spotted the huge lobsters, cooked together with steamed glutinous rice, best to have without any sauce for me as this is the best way for me to appreciate the taste of the meal. Every mouthful of the lobsters is complete with the aromatic blend and rest assured that you will definitely fall in love with it! A lip-smackingly good dish!

Steam Tiger Grouper with Chicken Essence

While we like the steamed fish taste on its own, the overall taste of the dish taken together was significantly masked by the chicken essence. The thick stock blended well and credit goes to the firm yet chewy texture of the yummy-li-ous grouper. The added zest and aroma in the fish certainly made it more palatable than a plainly steamed one. Compliments to the Chef!

Braised dry Seafood with pumpkin

Dried oysters and black moss or “Ho See Fatt Choy” in Cantonese, is a traditional dish that is eaten almost exclusively during Chinese New Year. So why is this dish eaten for Chinese New Year, a time where everyone wants to start off on a high note to prosperity, health and “auspicious” everything and anything? Well, the dried oyster is called “Ho See”, which sounds like the word for good events or deeds. “Fatt Choy” (the black moss) sounds like the word for prosperity or “to get rich”. The mushrooms add body and a nice flavour as well. It is not only flavourful but also has high nutritional value. A perfect dish anytime…..especially so during the festive New Year.

Steamed village chicken with tong kwai and Cordyceps flower

I can’t resist this steamed village chicken herbal dish. It is simple but delicious dish of marinated chicken with steamed Chinese herbs. The result is tender and moist meat infused with a wonderful herbal aroma. The most dominant herb in this dish is Tong Kwai and Cordyceps Flower. A warming herb, it has strong, pungent fragrance and is also sweet and slight bitter. It tasted succulent and great!

Overall, the Chinese New Year feast at Han Pi Yuen didn’t miss any mark nor did it spring any surprises! Dishes here didn’t deviate far from it’s traditional form and flavour. You can expect quality and consistency and thus be assured that your traditional Chinese New Year feast here won’t be a disappointment!

Han Pi Yuen Restaurant is located at Mezzanine floor of the hotel. For reservations, please log on to www. or call 606-766 6666


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