BTS LOVE YOURSELF WORLD TOUR B#angtan T#hat S#layed Singapore

In the months between then and the BTS concert last weekend, 19 January 2019 in Singapore, I learned a lot about the members of BTS- RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and JungKook- as well as their journey to this level of fame, their passion for the music they make and their authentic appreciation for their fans. Their genuineness, dorkiness and meaningful lyrics made me feel honoured to support them by attending to one of their concerts with my daughter Amisha, aged 14 (Die hard No-1 ARMY) So she claims….

As soon as we arrived the Singapore Indoor Stadium, TONS of girls and guys were wearing BTS Merch and I literally freaked out because I saw so many ARMY there. Everywhere I turned there were girls talking about BTS or buying ARMY Bombs and merch. There were some who were singing as loudly as possible to BTS songs. The feeling was just amazing, no words to really describe it!

Few days before the concert, the event organiser released rules & regulations (10 pages) and informed that the standing ticket holders were suppose to start queueing from 12.30pm onwards. First, we were queueing outside the indoor stadium from 11.00am, then at 12.40pm we were allowed to enter the Indoor stadium and then we waited some more until 3.30pm without proper food only sips of water. We patiently waited from 11.00am (8 hours) before the concert, which was actually quite tiring but fun because we made an awesome group of friends to camp out with! It went by quicker than you’d think and honestly, making ARMY friends just adds to the whole experience. At about 4pm, we were then ushered to the National Stadium and had to wait and queue outside.

Once we finally got inside the National Stadium, we ran to be in front but the crowd was already there. The organisers promised that we will be allocated at the standing pen according to our tickets numbers, however, that was untrue! ARMY were pushing and shoving to get to the front. That was a horror! We had to stand from 4.30pm until show time. Everything was doing great while we waited, everyone was buzzing and singing along to the music videos being played on the big screens.

However once it got near show time, ARMY started pushing and shoving us out our spots. There were no proper ventilation, it was humid, no food and water from 11.00am. Many Armies, fainted and collapsed. Medics and First Aid took forever to arrive. It was genuinely devastating because it happened so quickly and there was nowhere to go, so for the rest of the concert, so much of our views were obstructed. The pit is truly not for the faint of heart, and it was so hot and painful being constantly shoved from both sides that I literally missed parts of the concert.

Another downside is that the crowd all around me were too focused on getting videos. On the bright side, it was absolutely unreal seeing BTS so close-up. They basically look like the best photos of themselves. It still felt fake to Amisha though, she just couldn’t believe that it was really them in front of her. They didn’t really interact with the center people as much as I thought they would which was a little disappointing but you can’t blame them when there’s so many people that want their attention……

The boys glow. I don’t know how else to put it. They are absolutely beautiful on the outside but their stage presence, charisma and kindness is so evident and unreal. It felt amazing to do the fanchant and sing along to their songs. Even before the concert, they played music videos on the screens and everyone sang and fanchanted along. If I’m being completely honest, I was expecting to feel overwhelmed by crazy fans around me, including my 14 year old daughter, Amisha, but everyone was very respectful. I was also worried about not being able to sing songs in perfect Korean and possibly getting interrogated by ARMY’s who have known Bangtan longer. But I had no reason to worry and it was an amazing experience.

Seeing them in person made me realize even more how radiant and talented they are but it also reminded me that they are human. Let me repeat. THEY. ARE.HUMAN!

V- This man is flawless. His visuals are just crazy and his voice is absolutely mesmerizing. Singularity was amazing. Everything about it was so captivating, with V’s voice and the dancers holding the white masks behind him.

Jimin seemed a bit melancholy. Dancing the choreography and singing is so difficult to do. Jimin nailed it, but he did seem insecure. I hope he knows how well he did. (Eventhough, he fell on stage) Honestly, Jimin doesn’t give off the cute mochi vibes much when performing. He’s much more serious and focused on every minor detail. That attention to detail is what makes his dancing so emotional and unforgettable. He has passion beyond his years.

Jungkook slayed. I personally thinks he is the best singer, in terms of techniques and stability on and off the stage. His voice gave me the chills on euphoria especially. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “this boy was born for this”. His smile is even cuter in person and it lights up the stage!

Jin stole the show. The man’s vocals are incredible , especially on epiphany. And I loved how he played the piano at the beginning! I just can’t believe that he didn’t sing or have much music experience before BTS. He has worked so hard to get to where he’s at and anyone who says he doesn’t belong to BTS doesn’t know what they are talking about. He performs with so much heart and he filled the stadium with joy and the entire night through his singing, smile and goofiness. It’s obvious that he doesn’t take his position for granted.

Suga– Seriously, how does he rap and dance at the same time? It’s insane. He sounded great while doing difficult choreography and it was so mind blowing to see him do all that at once. This man so confident. I love it. He raps perfectly and his rage presence is powerful yet funny. He asked nothing but the best from us and gave nothing but the best to us. This man is an icon!

J-Hope’s energy was fire. It was insane. I don’t even know how he raps and dances so incredibly without showing a glimpse of fatigue. He is literal sunshine, always smiling and enjoying performing.

RM is the leader for a reason. He speaks with such confidence and humility. When performing, he seems so focused on the words. What I mean is, he’s not just rapping to entertain. He’s rapping because he has something to say. Also, his visuals are even more stunning in person than I expected. He holds himself in a way that people can’t help but respect!

Seeing Bangtan Boys will change your perspective of them. In an amazing way. Like I said, I have much more empathy for them.

I’m taking it as a lesson for what to fix the next time BTS comes around:-

  1. If you’re planning to buy the ‘standing’ tickets, prepare to camp out, you will be treated like an “ARMY”- literally.
  2. Don’t go near the very center of the extended stage
  3. Don’t let people push you around
  4. Water, water, water- Try to stay hydrated.

If the stage floor height is high, don’t even try standing right by the stage, unless you prefer having the chance to those brief moments where they go right by you and you see them in all their HD glory, then back to the usual I-can -maybe-see-their-head.

Away from the crowd guarantees a better viewing angle. Maybe you’ll see the whole concert with almost the same view as front row seated. Wear your tallest footwear, or buy the tallest to you can wear.

If you’re sure the stage floor is lower than your eye level. Line up really early to be front and centre, hydrate yourself but not to the point you’d need to pee during the concert, cling to friend, mum or your neighbour for dear life, practice breathing control in a swimming pool beforehand for the compressed environment , also maybe start lifting to strengthen your arms for the push/pull battle. Most importantly don’t let your ribs get squeezed to the point of fainting, and wear light and comfy clothes because it will get hot and sweaty.

My favourite part of the concert was when they were waving at us at the end. Before the encore songs, the boys said a few last words to the crowd, mostly practicing their English skills while a few others allowed the translator to give them a hand. They had already said their thank yous and goodbyes, but they stayed on stage for so long afterwards, just smiling and waving at us. ARMY were all emotional including my girl, Amisha because they didn’t run off the stage quickly. No, they lingered as long as they could to show that they love us. ARMY Felt so connected to them in that moment. It was the most beautiful moment in life for ARMY in Singapore!

If you ever get the chance to go, don’t worry if your seats are far from stage or if you don’t have all the crazy merch. You will still have an amazing , magical time, just like we did!

Thank you Kim Namjoon (RM), Kim SeokJin (Jin), Min Yoongi (Suga), Jung HoSeok (J-Hope), Park Jimin (Jimin), Kim TaehYung (V) and Jeon JungKook (Jung Kook). You are truly appreciated by those who matter. Love yourselves, like you help us to do.

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