10 tips for an awesome ZUMBA Class

ZUMBA is a fun, high-intensity and high-energy workout. Here are some tips for an awesome Zumba class……..

1. Arrive on time : In fact, arrive a few minutes early and secure your spot. There is nothing worse than a straggler who pushes her way into the spot she wants 10 minutes after class has started.

2. Respect the space of others :- We move around a lot. A LOT. Don’t stand so close to someone else that they run the risk of smacking you accidentally on purpose as a warning. Or asking you to move or giving you nasty “let’s fight” looks. Not that I have done any of these

3. Know your place:- Okay, that sounds rude. But if you’re new or can’t follow routines, please don’t stand in the front row. Your unfamiliarity with what the instructor is doing, or possess an inability to pick up moves quickly (like me), is distracting. You can move up front as you become more familiar with the routines (Note: quality of dancing is irrelevant. You can be a terrible dancer but still know the moves. In other words, me!)

4. Keep moving:- We all screw up. Even the instructors. But when you screw up and just STOP, you throw everyone around you off and you might cause someone to fall or get hurt, particularly if they bump into you. And If you don’t like a song and don’t want to dance to it, step off to the side. Take a break. Don’t just stand there.

5. Wear deodorant:- It makes me sad I had to write that…..

6. Don’t be a space stealer:- If someone leaves in the middle of song or to get a drink, don’t sneak into her spot. More than likely, she will return. Taking a break is not permission to sneak into someone’s spot. If you wanted a better spot, refer to rule #1


7. Prepare to sweat :- I don’t care if you’re in the best shape ever, this is awesome load of fast paced cardio. It’s seriously tensed and you will sweat. Don’t complain about it. We’re all sweating because we’re suppose to. SO bring a towel and suck it up!

8. Don’t gawk or make fun of other class-mates:- This is just a common courtesy in any part of life. Sure, some of us in the corner may move funny, but everyone has their own Zumba style: respect each other!

9. Don’t be afraid to make some noise:- I have the most fun in class when everyone lets loose and shouts and hollas. It adds energy to the class and keeps everyone pumped. I love it!

10. Be friendly to other classmates:- Welcome new students, get to know each other and lend a helping hand. This creates a friendly environment where fun fitness can thrive.

Follow these rules and you will be an A student. Nothing worse than going to a class and having an irritating person with poor Zumba class etiquette ruin your experience. So please don’t be that person okay…


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