Mother’s Day Special “Yoga and Zumba” only at Pro A3 Fitness, Seremban 2


Why YOGA and ZUMBA on Mother’s Day?

Why not?! What better way to celebrate your mother (or the woman or women in your life) than by Yoga-ing and Zumba-ing alongside her, in honour of her, in memory of her or just because you feel like working out. Husbands, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, in-laws and all family members are invited to yoga and zumba in this celebratory fitness workout only at PRO A3 FITNESS, The Plazo, S2 Heights on the 3rd May, Friday 2019.


Did we mention that all participants will be greeted with a special SWEET TREAT? (Will it be a cookie? A donut? Chocolate? A brownie? — We will let you know soon!)


Our aim is to deliver a fun, healthy and inspirational community event that brings the community together on Mother’s Day.

These days everyone leads hectic lives. But this Mother’s Day, slow down and spend the day as a family doing what mom loves best–staying active.

Mother’s Day fitness workout will promote family engagement and youth fitness; and the ever expanding Health and Wellness. Come join us at Pro A3 Fitness, The Plazo, S2 Heights.

For more information please log into Facebook Pro A3 Fitness or call 0196505370.  It’s only RM 8.00!!


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