The ACIS Penang Bridge Run 2014

My best friend, Melissa Pragasam

A race to remember and treasure for life…..Why? Well, it was the ACIS Penang Bridge Run 2014 and for the first time it was on the new 2nd bridge.

A race that I will always remember, running with my best friend, Melissa as well as my soul mate, My hubby, Segar Rajoo. A combo and awesome package deal! 60,000 runners signed up for this race! Running the 10km race is amazing but doing it with my BFF and hubby is a completely different feeling of pride altogether.

We the runners are a bunch of crazy people! Why? Well, we pay money to put ourselves through immense pain and called it fun and awesome! We compare our injuries and worn out soles of shoes like they were awards and trophies to be proud of!
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