HSN21km – The journey continues

fb_img_1472186323757.jpgI have been a runner for some time now, and well….I love it! My weekly milage has been steadily increasing and I feel great! My next challenge…or should I say, next on my bucket list- to sign up and run my first half marathon and well in the moment of excitement- I DID IT! HSN21km 2016

I spent a day or two flying high with the anticipation of gliding across the finish line and wearing a medal around my neck, while excited fans hand me roses…well, at least that was my fantasy….LOL

Then, a couple days later, fear and negativity has taken hold of me. A half marathon is 13.1 miles or 21 km. Then, I started wondering what was I thinking when I typed in those credit card numbers, selected my shirt size and hit send. I was even comtemplating to work out a good excuse to send the race director an email…hmmm

Orait! Orait! Stop right there!

Race jitters are common, so I have heard, especially among the first-time distance runners. Here are my top 5 biggest fears that I must conquer before my race. Here’s what I am scared of:-

  1. It’s so long :- 13.1 miles or 21 km is far! Then when you get to mile 6 and you realised that you aren’t even halfway done and you think to yourself…”Ohhh Nooooooooo!
  2. Hills :- The hills are alive. Running a race up and down through hills is a scary thought….But remember, what goes up, must come down..soooo I shall look forward for the downhills….and shout all the way down…..gravity…gravity….
  3. Going out fast and dying :- I tend to get excited when I’m about to run a race, and then I go out super fast. In a 5 km I can kind of get away with it; but I’m betting if I go out like a speed racer on HSN21km I’ll have serious regrets at mile 9 when I feel  like my legs are made of jelly and I’m asking people for piggy back rides.
  4. The time :- The race starts at 6 a.m, which means I’m gonna have to get up at 3 a.m or some ungodly early time…How am I supposed to race if I fall asleep two miles in?
  5. I’m completely out of my league :- What if all of these people have been training better than me? What if I have no idea what I’m doing? What if I just want to lie down at mile eight? What if I can’t even finish? AHhhhHHHhhhHHhh…

Dear runners,

Of course, I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t excited..Here’s what’s going to be awesome during HSN21KM on the 8th October 2016:-

#1 The course/route :- Running my first half marathon in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Center. At least I’ll have lovely tall iconic buildings and scenery to distract me.

#2 Family:– I will have my hubby a.k.a my sole mate, running and embarking this journey with me.

#3 Racing:- I love running race. It’s so much fun, the anticipation, the adrenaline, runner’s high at times, hitting the wall sometimes and even pushing myself.

#4 Finishing:- Duhhhh…..the best feeling….I’m already looking forward to crossing that finish line, accomplishing my first half marathon, getting home, showering, feeling awesome, and eating lots of food to refuel…(Keeping my fingers…ehem as well as my toes crossed…Lol)

I’ll let you know how I do it! Just a few days and counting……See you at Dataran Merdeka on the 8th October, 2016 for HSN21KM


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