Ready, steady…YOLO

It is something of a cliche’ “among runners”, how the activity never fails to clear your head. Does some creative block have you feeling stuck? Go for a run!

Are you between one of two potential life-altering decisions? Go for a run! Are you feeling mildly mad, sad or even just vaguely ‘meh’? Go for a run! Go for a run! Go for a run……

A good run can sometimes make you feel like a brand-new person. And, in a way, that feeling may be literally true. We are all much stronger than we think! We need to take that leap of faith and trust our own abilities! If you are preparing for your first 5 Km run or a 10 km run or your first ever 21 km half marathon or maybe your first ever 42 km full marathon……YOU CAN DO IT!

It is not easy to make these choices and changes, or even know what these changes that you want to make. All we can do is try and be the best version of ourselves!

When Prakash, my running ‘partner in crime’ gave me the opportunity to run and write for YOLO Run 2017, I was thrilled, excited and overjoyed! I love the theme! And what makes it special and close to my heart is YOLO- You Only Live Once- Running gave me the belief that I was stronger than I was! It gave me the courage and strength that I could do anything!

We all have challenges in life and we need to be brave enough to ask for help. When we do, we can be surprised by the reaction and the nurturing that follows. It takes guts to stand out! To stand up and join in! Just go for a run……

Life throws us opportunities, some big and some small, and it is how we react to these opportunities and whether we decide to take action or not, that governs the outcome of our destiny. Remember, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE- YOLO!



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