RUN-RUN-derful Bangi Wonderland Nature Run 2017

If you think you are too old, too slow or simply too-out-of shape to run further than a few miles, then prepare to be convinced otherwise. With the Bangi Wonderland Nature Run (it takes place on September 17, in case it is not in your diary) I urge you to lace up and surprise yourself! For the 10 km route it covers is, they say, the perfect distance to challenge both body and mind. The 10 km gobbles up less of your time for preparation, yet will reap endless benefits.

We will be running through pristine forests and up rugged slopes and roads. This run offers a fun challenge and a refreshing way to get outdoors and explore nature. Get ready to kick up your heels for nature at Bangi Wonderland Nature Run 2017.

In conjunction with it’s 1-year anniversary, an inaugural running event which will be held on the 17 September at 6am with the start and finish being at the Bangi Wonderland Theme Park. It will also be the first nature run to be held inside the UKM nature forest reserve for the 10 km (20% flat road and 80% off road inside UKM forest reserve and also the 3 km fun run.

So lace up and get your trail and nature shoes ready….

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